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PS4: Tearhead

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My brother's awesome. The fact that we're 10 years apart yet still so close is a testament to how cool he is. When I was going through my teenage years and he was in his 20s, he let me go out with his friends to watch movies and stuff. I could only imagine how annoying and immature I probably was, but he always invited me to tag along.

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I'm confused about how this game is coming out. PC is $20 with an optional $20 season pass, and physical console versions are $40 and come with the season pass... Will the digital console versions sell the season pass separately? Because that season pass had better be daaaaamn good if they're charging the price of the game for it.

Yeah, the pricing on this game is a little confusing. Will I be able to buy the $20 version of this game on consoles? I only see the Deluxe Edition available on PSN.

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@spaceinsomniac: I didn't have an Xbox last console generation, so that's mainly the reason why I never played Trials. Only considering it now that I have a PS4. Downloading the Evolution demo is a good idea, though, I'll try out the Steam version.

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Hey, I'm thinking about picking up this game, only one question. Does Trial still hold up even if I don't care about leaderboard scores against my friends/the world? Is the process of finishing each track fun in itself?

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@awesomeusername: I totally agree with you that all signs point to a PS4 release. However, until it's official, it shouldn't be on the wiki page.

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@somberowl said:

@awesomeusername said:

@somberowl: It actually is announced for PS4.

I thought they have only alluded to the fact the it's coming to PS4?. No official announcement or did they?

When I made the page I saw no hard evidence of it coming to the PS4. I saw a bunch of non-answers like "Well, we are Sony, so... probably." or something along those lines.

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  • Didn't interrupt Snow's eulogy
  • Went to Crane's apartment first (it's in the same friggin' building, seemed logical to go there first)
  • Made a deal with Jack
  • Burned Greenleaf's tree (I mean I am a cop, and what she's doing is illegal)
  • I killed Tweedle Dum (those assholes were a pain in my side for one too many times. Also, I'm a cop, and this is the second time they tried to kill me)

I always try to play how I envision the character to be and act, and as a big bad wolf/cop, he would have burned that criminal's illegal tree and kill the guys who have (on more than one occasion) tried to kill him.

So far, good stuff. Telltale's episodic game have gotten a little shorter, but I can't wait to see how all this wraps up. Bloody Mary especially was awesome.

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Not currently, but I'm not opposed to being a part of one later down the line.