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I think "Essential" is a pretentious word to use in the review of an entertainment product...

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While previous generations had awesome games, "gen 7" was the generation I became an adult with my own money. Because of this, I was able to buy and play a ton more games, and a lot of them were fantastic!

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Played it for the first time myself this week. One of the best stories of any medium, it was fantastic. Had a lot of fun playing the game, but some of its puzzle design and controls are a bit antiquated, which is to be expected. There are quite a few puzzles with questionable logic, and others where the hint to the solution is only given once, requiring you to both recognize when a hint is being presented and then sear it into your brain.

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You people are crazy! Watching their complete and utter disdain for these games is fucking hilarious.

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Thank you for posting that in depth explanation. It's sometimes easy to forget the real people behind these projects who must be dealing with very serious financial issues.

For what it's worth, I will remember your game because of Giant Bomb, and I wish you only the best in your future endeavours.

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I was pretty doubtful on the series during the middle of its first season, but at the end it blew past my best expectations. The show has also more or less kept up the pace during season 2.it's a pretty great show, and that's saying something for network tv.

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Why do you have a cat door that leads to the bathroom? Does she need 24hr access to the room? Seal the cat door shut and close the door.

P.S. Daaaaawwwwww! :D