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@gpbmike: Yes, non-subscriber videos work totally fine.

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@gpbmike: OK, so I had video playback on HD, and I switched it to H and now the videos play fine. So apparently my real issue is I can't play subscriber videos in HD.

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@gpbmike: I'm using the Samsung Captivate. So far, all of the subscriber only videos cannot be played, for example the most recent Happy Hour, or the new Random PC Game video. However, I tried the most recent Dave Radio show and that played without any problems. I don't believe it's my home wireless, because I turned off wifi on my phone and it was still unable to play the videos on 3G.

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For some reason, whenever I try to watch subscriber videos on my phone, it keeps telling me "Video cannot be played," or something along those lines. Has anyone else had this problem?

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Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door

Tales of Symphonia

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I understand what you're asking, but the title you used has me laughing so much. It's like you're saying "God dammit! Why do all of these games where re-animated corpses kill people feel so unrealistic?!"

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Depends on the game. For instance, I would play the multiplayer in Call of Duty before I play the singleplayer.

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inFamous was my second favourite game of that year (behind Uncharted 2)! I personally thought that game was so much fun, as I have never experienced a better "Superhero Game." I also really liked the story, as it served as a great origin story for Cole. I just think that game nails the feeling of being an overly super powered hero and the world being your playground. The controls in that were also really tight, maybe not as fluid as Assassin's Creed, but it's not trying to feel like that game. In Assassin's Creed you basically just hold down "the run button" and he does everything himself.

Also, the game does totally tell you when it places you on Hard, something like "You did that mission so well, we put you on Hard..." or whatever. I don't even know how you were playing the game that it was so difficult for you anyway, as I thought inFamous was one of the easiest games on Hard.

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Did he say anything about the release date?

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I used to buy games from there all the time, but since I got Amazon Prime Student (which was almost a year ago), I've bought all my game since then from Amazon. Free release day delivery without tax or interacting with another human being is wonderful.