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I never use it online, even when playing with friends. I may occasionally use the "n-word" when hanging out with my black friends (I am also black). Basically, I never use use that term outside of my own culture.  
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" listen folks, i only use the n-word because i believe it simply refers to a ignorant person. perhaps you are the REAL racist for thinking that i am talking about black people. makes u think.... "

Well, since the "n-word" is derived from the word negro, literally meaning black, the fact that you couple that with an "ignorant person" is the very definition of racism, no matter who you direct it at. When I use the "n-word" (and it's always within my own culture), it is used as a term of endearment, or to make fun of the absurdity of the term itself. 
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Yeah, he was just calling random people and streaming it. We talked for like 10 minutes about Barbados and Programming. Whiskey Media is pretty awesome.

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I think I'll be skipping this one. Don't see the sense in buying a shirt with an inside joke that only I will get. Also, I'm originally from Barbados, so why would I want a shirt with a United States president on it?

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I'm on a train using it right now! :D

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I loved Fallout 3 and thought Oblivion was fucking boring. Also thought the first person combat was bad. Don't get me wrong, Fallout's combat is pretty bad too, but they got vats to counter that.

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@Poki3: I'm inside the US and I can't watch it either.
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Yeah, it sucks that there is no indication of any medics around. When I'm down I usually shout "MEDIC!!" into my mic all TF2 like to see if I get a response.

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" @chrissedoff
@SuperSambo said:
" I bought the first recently it it had really slowed down and become a chore. The combat is really boring and the friendly ai plain sucks, while the story seems to be do this go here, here and here then go kill him. There is no mystery. "
you can edit the friendly a.i. scripts.
I didn't know that, ill check it out. Should make it a lot less frustrating. "
Yeah, I micromanage the shit out of my party. When I played Origins, my battle strategy was this: rush in and gather agro with warrior, pause, set up everyone's skills, switch to mage and juggle their healing and damage spells. Oh, and if there's an enemy mage, KILL THAT FUCKER FAST!
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This game looks so fucking amazing...