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This may be the copious amout of alcohol I've drank tonught, but this video blew my FUCKING MINF!!!!!

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Game Dev Story!

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For a person getting beaten to death, that woman didn't sound very convincing. In fact, that whole opening scene made the act of bludgeoning someone to death seem pretty tame. 

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I dunno... I thought the room where Chell regained consciousness was different to where the fight happened.

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Yeah man, it's cool to hear from Whiskey users. It was fun chattin it up with dave (I was the Barbados/Oakland guy).

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I'd love a portal buddy to go through the puzzles and get these achievements! I have the PS3 version and I'm Tearhead on both Steam and PSN.

Oh, and my timezone is PST.
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Whatever. If someone is having troubles with one particular puzzle and it's preventing them from having fun with the rest of the game, I can understand them asking for help. As long as they're having fun, who cares.

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I'll be using mine on LA Noire if it is well received. If not, then inFamous 2.

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While I don't think the game is as amazing as so many made it out to be, it's still a great game. I was similar to you in that I didn't understand why people loved the game as much as they did and stopped playing for a while, but came back it after almost a year and really enjoyed the rest of the game.

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Welcome, Patrick!

I would love a weekly "news-only" podcast that would be roughly 30 mins to an hour depending on how much has happened during the week. When it comes to just listing breaking news, that can be done in proper text, while shooting a video would require more production and may be ill-suited to the fast paced "gotta get it to ya quick" type of news. It would be easier and faster to just throw guys into a room turn on microphones and go, plus, I'm much more interested in the discussion than the production.