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I need to go to bed so I can get my children up in the morning for school. I am glad Giant Bomb is allowing discussion about the topic because like I said earlier, Twitter has so far been the only place that has almost remained neutral ground for both side but it hasn't been pretty. I ask again that people read the stories coming from both sides.

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What is anti-gamergate? Is that another movement? I haven't seen that hash tag before.

They tried to start using #GameEthics in the hopes that the popularity #Gamergate would stop. This popped up around the time Leigh Alexander and several other websites posted their Gamers are Dead article. In response #NotYourShield was created to show the different websites that ran Anti-GG pieces that gamers are not neck beard white basement dwelling creatures but from all races, sex and more.

#GameOverGate was used briefly too.

#DescribeaGamerin4words was another.

Apparently a new subreddit appeared recently that is Anti-GG where the rules state it solely allows Anti-GG content and doesn't allow for downvoting. Complete echo-chamber that doesn't allow discussion.

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@legion_: Yeah lets just start a whole new movement that will totally get as much traction as this one. How is this not a perfect example of one rotten apple spoiling the bunch. Maybe read up a little bit past crazy assholes tweeting death threats.

Can the Tea Party turn things around? Did Occupy Wall Street? That's the way the world works. One bad apple does spoil the whole bunch. You're judged by the company you keep. And right now, this is your company.

And if you don't think a new movement under a new name that directly and officially and loudly combated this hatred and derided it wouldn't get attention, then I don't know what to tell you. Your odds are better doing that then trying to salvage what's now seen as a hate group.

If it makes you feel any better, to the outside world, this GamerGate crap makes ALL gamers look bad.

That's one way to spin it, I guess. She still did what she did.

Yep, she had all this coming. You win. Compelling argument.

Yep, that's totally what I said. As I said before, I find it unfortunate that there are those out there that feel they need to make death threats instead as the way to make their positions known. I don't want anyone's safety compromised for something they think. But it was still pretty shitty what she did.

I stated why the journalistic ethics group needs to separate itself from the hate-mongers and start fresh. Your response was "She still did what she did". If that's not just avoiding the issue and blaming the entire scenario on her actions in her personal life, I don't know what is.

Then lets make sure those who are Anti-GG also drop the hate-mongers who have bashed gamers. Only fair, right?

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Oh good, we're blaming the actions of one person on an entire community again.

Death threats are the actions of one person. Blame that person.

Let's start a hashtag campaign. How about #fuckdeaththreats ?

It's the part where all these guys come together under one umbrella that's the issue. When people who are so fucking rotten that they get banned from 4chan team up on even more extreme sites, and all identify themselves with Gamergate, there's just no denying that it's a issue that is larger than one person. The guy who said these things is just a symptom of a bigger disease.

Really quick about 4chan, the one place where everybody is anonymous. They don't bring race, gender, sexuality. You as a user decide to bring it up. You are free to post whatever you want and it was this way from the beginning. This could be said to be a good thing. Child pornography was the only thing not allowed, immediately banned and removed.

Their head guy Moot starts banning anybody who discusses Gamergate and this happens after he goes to XOXO and attends Anita's panel. Who knows what was discussed that made him decide Gamergate was no longer allowed. And this wasn't just the /v board (their video game board) but also /pol (their politics board). You could imagine how 4chan members felt betrayed when suddenly they couldn't discuss the topic when from the beginning "everything and anything" could be discussed.

If you can't imagine it, lets take something you are passionate about and suddenly tell you that you do not have a voice or else you need to leave or will be by force.

Something happened that made him suddenly declare "any" discussion of Gamergate to be as offensive as CP.

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I'm 31 years old and have been gaming since the Atari. Now, I've been married for 11 years and have 3 children, two daughters and a son. My daughters love to play video games and my son who is only two will still grab a Wiimote and waggle to the best he can. I am a liberal. I want equal rights for both men and women, straight, gay, bi, trans. I want to be the best role model for my children because they look up to me and when I pass on, I want them to be what is best for the world.

I condone death threats, harassment and doxxing of individuals.

I saw all this happen from the start. Zoe and her ex, that is their own story which didn't have to be shared with the world. But it happened. My problem with all of this was the DMCA take down of a Youtube video talking about the blog post and the 25k comments deleted from Reddit. The DMCA... you decide if it was used legally. Censoring that many voices on Reddit. Wouldn't it have been better to come out and say, "Hey, this is bullshit." These extreme measures to hide discussion only pushed the Streisand Effect.

We then have everything that has happened from that day till now. Both sides painting their picture. One wanting ethics in journalism and the other calling the movement a hate group against women.

Sadly, only one side is getting attention from the press from particular sites. Is it because they are women and somehow the men who have been doxxed, sent death threats and harassed aren't as important or somehow, "Are grown men who can handle harassment?" How are TotalBiscuit or Boogie not as important? Don't we want equality?

A ten year old was doxxed by the Anti-GG side for editing Zoe's wikipedia entry. Did anybody bring this up? No and I'm glad. Let the 10 year old try to get by in life but it doesn't make it disappear. It happened.

A majority of the debate is happening on Twitter. It is a terrible place to hold any kind of discussion. 140 characters isn't going to work. The ability to create new "Egg" accounts that can then dox and harass with almost no immediate response from Twitter isn't going to work. Anybody can use a hashtag to create false narrative. It becomes a popularity contest of people with large amounts of followers using their tweets and retweets to have their followers attack and harass, to the point a person was suspended from their Twitter account because their opinion doesn't match theirs. But that is where there is the middle ground. No other sites are allowing discussion.

I had a brief discussion with Will Smith and Lloyd Case and ask that if they truly believe this is a hate group against women to read not just the Anti-GG side but also the Pro-GG side. I ask everybody to do the same.


Gamergate Subreddit

In the end, lets play nice and actually discuss both sides of this.

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Who knew game development was expensive? They know that now and sadly ruined the game developers life too in the process. And to add to it, started their Yogdiscovery program where they get a portion of sales from games they cover on their Youtube channel. Yes, lets take more money from away from developers.

Or from our fellow Danny O'Dwyer

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I am telling myself that Vinny is really leaving the offices to become a mediator for all the New York beef from the emails, the only man that can save the city and reunite them.

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I grabbed a 2013 32 gig model from Microcenter for $200 recently. Rooted and now with a custom rom, my computer is now strictly used for gaming or streaming movies. All other entertainment content I now use the tablet for. I know it was kinda a bad idea to grab one this late when Google has I/O around the corner and there is talk of HTC is developing 6" and 8" models for them but I guess I don't really know what else they could do to make me want anything else. My tablet is great for what I use it for and XDA developers do a great job of keeping things up to date with the latest from Android.