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Who knew game development was expensive? They know that now and sadly ruined the game developers life too in the process. And to add to it, started their Yogdiscovery program where they get a portion of sales from games they cover on their Youtube channel. Yes, lets take more money from away from developers.

Or from our fellow Danny O'Dwyer

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I am telling myself that Vinny is really leaving the offices to become a mediator for all the New York beef from the emails, the only man that can save the city and reunite them.

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I grabbed a 2013 32 gig model from Microcenter for $200 recently. Rooted and now with a custom rom, my computer is now strictly used for gaming or streaming movies. All other entertainment content I now use the tablet for. I know it was kinda a bad idea to grab one this late when Google has I/O around the corner and there is talk of HTC is developing 6" and 8" models for them but I guess I don't really know what else they could do to make me want anything else. My tablet is great for what I use it for and XDA developers do a great job of keeping things up to date with the latest from Android.

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Although I get moving to other keys like ESDF to open up more keys, I grew up using WASD since Quake 3 and Unreal Tournament and it just clicks. All the years of muscle memory and knowing that I can reach which keys with which fingers makes it difficult to learn a new layout.

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Origin ID: Teaspoon83

Look forward to seeing you on the GB server!

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The HTC One if an amazingly good phone and my only worries owning it is the current situation HTC in is at the moment. The HTC One was their Hail Mary of a phone to get business moving again and although it has been successful, HTC is still losing money quarter after quarter. I have no idea if this could possibly slow down the phone from getting updates or what happens if the phone needs to be sent in for repair but I guess that is a possibility.

The Galaxy S4 in my opinion is a nice phone but the features didn't really do much to make it better than the S3 and apparently if you like to root and tinker with your phone, Samsung hasn't been too helpful there.

I can't recommend going Apple if you have been in the Android ecosystem for 3 years. All the apps you purchased are gone, you have to find something similar and realistically, Apple has slowly been trying to catch up to Android's features with each OS update.

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... and I have 187, the account is valued over $2k, and I know I don't even compare to others on my friends list. And this is only Steam. I still have my GoG account and my consoles. First step of an addiction is admitting you have an addiction right?

Steam knows exactly what it is doing and reaching the age bracket where you end up having a larger increase of cash coming in yet your time and energy are dedicated to work, life's responsibilities and perhaps a social life, it is a perfect storm. At this point, I have told myself to wait for Steam Summer and Winter Sales and even then, only buy games that reach the 75% discount. I have waaaaaay to much invested and haven't finished many games. Played about 50 percent of them, but need to finish them.

Although you chose to play your Steam game list alphabetically, might I recommend Steam Completionist to help you on your way. Awesome website to track what you are playing, finished and for those who don't know where to start, it can select random games to help you decide.

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My first computer was a Gateway and I tore apart and rebuilt it over and over, messed with the OS, formatted and reinstalled, over and over and in the end, it looks scary and intimidating but you can't really screw up as long as you make sure everything is compatible with each other. That and make sure everything goes in the proper direction.

I too would recommend going online for your parts as you'll get a bigger bang for your buck. A visit to Reddit's Build a PC for Me is another great area to stop by where the redditors will have you get the parts together.

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Little story about why it is worth it. I got a brand new HTC Sensation and I loved that phone. Rooted, custom rom, awesome. I about a month later had fostered a dog because I wanted to see how the family would do with a dog in the house. Things are great, phone and dog. Now, one night, I was looking at phone cases. I thought maybe I should invest in one. I saw it, saw the price and figured.... Nah, I'll be fine.

Next day, I kid you not, going to walk the dog. Excited to go for her walk, she jumps into me and bumps my phone out of my hand. Lands right on the corner, SMASH. It hit the lower right corner and the glass on the screen was destroyed. The screen still worked luckily but maybe the case could have protected it. I don't know but in the end, I had to go back to the default RUU, take off root and pay $150 for a new phone. Isn't that awesome?

It might not look purty or sleek, but if it can save you money, just get the case.

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You know what else isn't fair, the ending to Half Life 2 : Episode 2. You know how long I've waited to do some revenge? But it also makes Half Life 3 so much more important for me when it comes out. George R. R. Martin really likes killing characters off because it makes a the story great. This isn't your typical fantasy kingdom where the heroes win. There are the moments where it will break your heart. Keep watching though. I've read the books and it is worth still watching. Good unexpected things will happen.