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They should replicate the timeline on Gamespot, because that works really well:

They could integrate premium content by making it gold or something. Heck, I ain't no designer.

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@overnow said:

I think Brad hosting has been pretty great. Jeff is good too, but I personally think Jeff thrives when he is responding to stuff, not introducing things.

I agree. Jeff is a guy who has strong opinions on a bunch of topics, and when he's holding court, it doesn't give him as much of an opportunity to voice those opinions.

Another vote for Brad is a great host. He keeps things on track.

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I kicked a guy in the shin one time during a fight.


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@mb: I wouldn't call title exclusivity a defining factor of a platform, as most games these days have multi-platform releases. I guess I'd also argue that PlayStation Now and OnLive are actually getting their own independent release of multiplatform titles. I think of it like a port, in that it's identical in almost every way but the mechanism by which you receive it is different. The original release of Killzone 3, for example didn't have the input latency of the PlayStation Now version.

@corruptedevil: Haha, true enough!

@jeff Wanna weigh in on this? How come Steam, PlayStation Now etc. are not considered platforms on the site? It seems like a pretty arbitrary definition, when PlayStation Network and Xbox Live are considered platforms, and aside from their integration into a console, they are identical to things like Steam, OnLive, and other similar services.

In fact, OnLive was integrated into an exclusive console at some point (maybe it still is), so that seems like a prime candidate for Platform-ization.

@ll_exile_ll Perhaps there should be a "Service" category for these various online distribution services. When this site refers to platforms, it seems like it is really referring to a physical hardware+software bundle (with the curious inclusions of XBL and PSN).

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It seems like a disparity to me that Steam, OnLive and PlayStation Now are not Platforms (in the wiki, they are considered Concepts).

Should this be changed, or is there some reason why they are only concepts?

PlayStation Network and Xbox Live are both considered Platforms, even though these are fundamentally identical in function to services such as Steam. The only difference between those services and PlayStation Now is the method of delivery (streaming vs. direct download)

At any rate, shouldn't these online services all be under one heading (either Platform or Concept)? I'd argue that Platform is more suitable, because they are - at a base level - a platform upon which games are hosted and downloaded (to another physical platform like a PlayStation, Xbox or PC).

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If they can detect the song, why don't they just set a percentage of the ad revenue for that video to go to the publisher?

Oh right, that would be too reasonable.

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Ironically, if Patrick had never reported this non-news story, I would have never known about the non-news story.

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If you knew Ryan Davis at all, you know it doesn't seem crazy at all to say that I've never felt so sad about someone I've never met passing away. Thanks for everything.

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Wellington, New Zealand