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I love how skipping cutscenes is how they're dealing with "improving Destiny's storytelling".

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"the more you touch the object the more you know".


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My brain says the PS2 (because it is), but my heart says the PS1 (because Ape Escape and Wip3out).

Naturally I voted PS2.

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That's pretty typical for a modern shooter. Battlefield 4 launched with 10, Advanced Warfare with 13, and Titanfall had 15.

Battlefront isn't those games though. Dice is going backwards with this whole thing. Really a shame.

How do we know that these aren't 12 huge, intricately built next-gen maps that will blow our minds with all the features they put in them? Until they actually show something people are basically getting into a tizzy about nothing.

The sky is not falling... yet!

Either way you know we are going to get slapped with EA's typical map pack bullshit. I really miss the days when you bought a game and it was just everything, you didn't have to spend $100 more to get the "complete package".

Christ man, you haven't been able to do that for almost a whole decade! These are the times we are in, and have long since been in.

Also 12 maps sounds totally fine. Like others have said, BF4 launched with 10 maps and I never felt short-changed.

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The Doom super shotgun. For reference:

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Ape Escape doesn't get nearly enough love. Crash Bandicoot, Spyro the Dragon, Jak and Daxter, Ratchet and Clank: Ape Escape is better than all of these! Hell of a game those Ape Escapes. Whenever there are long stretches between The Last Guardian announcements I think to myself "maybe SCE scrapped it to work on a new Ape Escape," and am always disappointed when this is not the case despite thinking I'll like The Last Guardian quite a bit.

Ape Escape!

That's quite a bold claim--a claim so bold I actually want to try the series now.

Seriously, the original Ape Escape revolutionised how people used analogue controllers (though ironically not in the way that most games use it now - the camera), and had this great Pokemon-y "gotta catch 'em all". I wasn't a huge fan of the sequels but they were well recieved too.

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$38 million buckeroos.

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It's interesting, and different. I like it!

It covers my basic thought process when buying a game:

Essential: Buy it even if I don't like the genre or concept.

Recommended: Buy it if I do like the genre or concept.

Avoid: Avoid:

No Recommendation: Actually read the review to find out if I can deal with the flaws. Which is what I would do anyway if I heard that a game was a mixed bag.

This seems A-OK to me.

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The ending sucked ass and the block gameplay grew from "OK" to "Tedious" to "Frustrating" over the course of 45 minutes.

But the graphics were nice and most of the non-gameplay stuff was pretty good. Apart from that end. Man...

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