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It's interesting, and different. I like it!

It covers my basic thought process when buying a game:

Essential: Buy it even if I don't like the genre or concept.

Recommended: Buy it if I do like the genre or concept.

Avoid: Avoid:

No Recommendation: Actually read the review to find out if I can deal with the flaws. Which is what I would do anyway if I heard that a game was a mixed bag.

This seems A-OK to me.

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The ending sucked ass and the block gameplay grew from "OK" to "Tedious" to "Frustrating" over the course of 45 minutes.

But the graphics were nice and most of the non-gameplay stuff was pretty good. Apart from that end. Man...

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It was totally ok.

But more importantly it reminded me how excellent Two Towers and Return of the King were.

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@wewantsthering said:

I don't understand what he means by double standard in this case. A double standard would be allowing a video porn app and not a video game that had porn for instance. Having a policy about nudity is not a double standard. It might be censorship, but I really don't get the reference to a double standard.

Me neither. It's not a double standard... it's just a standard - and Apple decides what passes that standard and what doesn't.

Also, Apple's content rating system has a 17+ rating which specifically includes allowances for nudity. Papers, Please is currently rated 12+ which does not allow nudity, so I'd imagine it's probably something to do with that.

These news reports (and sorry Patrick because I really enjoy your writing style, video features, podcast appearances etc) don't really add anything to the site, and in my opinion actually detract from it. They just seem a little flippant and uninformed.

I don't come to Giant Bomb for fast news, I come for good news. Take some time and write a nice piece. There are 9000 other websites on the internet where I can get up-to-the-second reports that have to be edited 9 minutes later.

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EDIT: I had a much longer post but it was too wordy.

TL,DR: She has legitimate points about how excessive video game playing at the expense of other activities can be detrimental (certainly true), but then proceeds to mask her argument in crazy-person speech. I didn't even have that much of an issue with it until I saw her response.

Apparently she got some pretty nasty comments from gamers - so way to reinforce the stereotype guys - but still, come on... this is the 21st century, and she is a parent. If her children are interested in video games, feed their enthusiasm and teach them about moderation in all things.

That way they won't turn out like either the video game playing or non-video game playing jackasses on that forum of hers.

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Like, this is lame but if you're in any way offended by this you're also lame


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To all those people saying "they shouldn't have released the game in its current state": It's amazing the bugs you can find when you suddenly have 1 million additional playtesters to find those bugs.

Ubisoft are big, but they aren't that big.

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Getting kinda tired of opening articles only to read the headline "UPDATE: Everything is actually fine and we just overreacted".

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The quadruple-threat of Final Fantasy VII, Command and Conquer, Sonic 2, and Lost Vikings.

You really can't go past that main theme:

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