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I'm not surprised Apple are doing this. Their App Store has the perception of being more curated, and of higher quality than the Play store, it makes sense that Apple would spend money on title exclusivity to keep that perception alive and well.

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It's really strange that people's primary complaint is that you can't share a game with someone and continue playing a different game.

Let's look at the issue for Valve here:

1. Valve needs money to operate

2. If no restrictions on access to games that other users haven't purchased exist, Valve and other publishers are going to lose money, because one person is charged, and 9 others are given a free, unadulterated game.

3. ???

4. Profit... or lack thereof.

You can't just say "Well I want all these rights to play these games", when you just don't own those rights, for better or worse. It's a little depressing, but Valve is kinda being generous by allowing non-purchasing users to play the entirety of the game for essentially free - even if that player is not earning cards or achievements for their own account.

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Preorder AC6, get these baller-ass parachute-pants!

I fixed it.

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Jump on it man! I barely got a copy from the last run. It's a great collection and - as someone who had never played the games originally - they played really well with a Wii-remote.

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"carolyn petit we get that you are part of the LGBT community but dont use gamespot to corrupt the viewers mind, you truly are disgusting Carolyn."

Holy shit man! I take solace in the fact that those kind of comments are the vocal minority... I hope.

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I absolutely had a 10/10 experience with Metal Gear Solid 4 at the time, but I can say with certainty that it will age dreadfully, and if I were to go back to it now, I wouldn't have nearly as good a time with it.

It was exactly the right game for exactly the right time in my appreciation of video games and the Metal Gear Series, as well as the PS3's lifecycle and industry mood as a whole. Those 10's were from reviewers who were desperately needing something, and in Metal Gear Solid 4 they found exactly what they were looking for.

It is a game that I loved, and never need to play again.

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You'll have to handle it with kid gloves. Any superficial damage could render it useless.

So disc as they are right now? Remember when CD's were coming out and they said they were going to be "indestructible"? Rofl

I nearly lost a DVD full of pictures because of a tiny scratch. It takes a much smaller scratch to destroy a Blu-Ray so I imagine these things will stop working if someone blows on it.

It's important to note that Blu-Ray discs are coated with this anti-scratch stuff called Durabis (or other similar proprietary solutions) that makes them much more scratch resistant than CD's or cheap DVD's. I've accidentally scratched some DVDs in my time (or had my PS1 and PS2 scratch them for me), but I've never scratched a Blu-Ray.

Maybe the PS3 is better at handling discs. Maybe I've become less retarded. All I know is that the stuff works.

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Edit: Oh shit, I totally missed that @xyzygy made the exact same joke. However I used letters instead of numbers, and added some !?s, therefore my attempt is superior.

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I have zero issue with jagged edges in games, so generally I just have it off. My computer is plenty capable of having them on, but I get an extra 20fps or so out of having them off, so I'd rather go from 50to 70 than have smooth edges.