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That was damn effective.

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You know why I'm not getting a PS4 at launch? Because it's going to be AUD$549 at launch. My head almost exploded at that figure.

The PS3 was like $1100 in NZ, I assume it was similar across the ditch. Now THAT was head-exploding. $549 sounds A-OK in my books.

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you need xbox live for free to play games.

IF thats true bra fucking vo microsoft

good grief.

It is not different from before. F2P games are online so of course you need to pay. That is way Dead or Alive and Tekken Revolution is not on the 360.

But you don't need to pay a 3rd party for access to those games on top of your internet fees.

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It's shit

The main issue is that this theoretical "battle of who gets to be on Input 1" A) Doesn't exist and B) isn't a well known problem, as even TV's made in the 70's and 80's normally had at least 2 inputs, so who fucking cares if a particular device is on the first input or not. The input buttons are right next to each other. In fact, most of the time you can just press the A/V button and cycle through them.

So... it's just completely thoughtless.

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Poor sleep cycles begin NOW.

Edit: Or rather, they continue... NOW.

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D: Data

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That's real sad ;(

The only way this is a tragedy is if the co-founder had a serious problem of not looking both ways before crossing the road. If somehow not looking both ways was a core problem with his very being, a tragic flaw. Otherwise it's just another person who died too early and probably could have done something more with the time he could have lived. I expect more from Patrick Klepek. I guess I was wrong.

You are a facile idiot.

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These Steam boycotts have never worked, and in almost every case they have ended up having the opposite effect.

My only objection is to his use of the word "nerds"...I really hate that word.

I would be offended if it was some dude-bro calling us nerds, but it's Phil Fish. Look at what Fez is. That game was made by a fucking super-nerd.

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@legion_: Actually all my posts have been on topic, because they are all in direct response to things that have been said in this topic. You could have just said 'I should have said bigotry instead of racism' but instead you chose to have this dance. Doesn't bother me.

If by "direct response to things that have been said in this topic", you mean derailing what is clearly the point of the topic by focusing in on a misused word rather than the argument he's making.

Technically, you are off-topic. Just saying. It's like you asking me my opinion on two shirts, and instead of giving my opinion, I tell you that they are technically T-Shirts, because Shirt refers to the long-sleeved variety, and these are clearly short-sleeved. That's not on-topic, that's just me being a dumb-ass.

And on topic (hurr hurr): 400,000 people? Are you for real!? That's amazing, and so very terrifying that so many people are still so horrible with their beliefs.