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Sorry if this has been posted already.

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Words can't express how much Ryan will be missed. Even though I've never met Ryan, his sincerity, humor, and willingness to be himself make me feel like we were old friends. It's amazing how many lives he touched. Reading through this and other threads dedicated to Ryan show what a profound impact he had. My thoughts and prayers will go out to friends, family, and the whole GB crew.

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I'll hop on after work around 5:30pm Central

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Haha, thanks, yeah AH is great. It's what got me into tabletop games. I really wish defiance had a better social interface... Looks like I just missed you this evening.

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@jesterpc238 I'm assuming you're on PC. I tried to look up your character but I guess you were not on when I tried sending a message the other night. As soon as I'm able to reach you in-game, I'd like to join. How many people do we currently have? Are you interested in trying to bring non-bombers into the clan? If so, there's a clan recruitment page on the Defiance forum: http://forums.defiance.com/forumdisplay.php?24-PC-Clans.

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Invite, please. Character and ID is: Tebekaru


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As a new Trackmania player, just wanted to say thanks to Karsh for running the GB servers. I've been having a blast with TM over the past couple weeks. I tried Canyon for a little while, but none of the servers there satisfied my need for ridiculous dubstep. I had to go back to stadium to play on the GB server. I would definitely be interested in a GB canyon server.

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How great would it be if this "unannounced shooter" gets named "Project Icebreaker"

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Scientific Breakthrough