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Leap of Faith 0

Originally posted 2008-12-11 on Mirror's Edge places you in the role of the runner Faith, a parkouring courier that delivers messages for those that oppose the big brother society where everything looks nice and people have given up their freedom for a nice and comfortable life of complacency. The game is a nice blend of old and new. It mixes old-school game design with some of the better improvements of later years and a striking art-style. These lyrics from the title track St...

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The Sticky Bastard Child of Braid, Portal and Crayon Physics 0

     It's amazing what a little talent and a lot of hard work will get you. Looking at the general quality-to-budget and time-to-staff ratios of games in general and specifically games on Wii it would be easy to assume that the days of the lone coder producing anything of value or interest are far gone. Even first-party titles by the often heralded Nintendo today all too often show low production values (Wii Play), rehashed and tired gameplay and graphics (Mario Kart Wii, Animal Crossing: City F...

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Greater than the Sum of it's Parts 0

Dead Space is a third-person shooter with a bit of horror thrown in. You play as Isaac Clarke (a nod to sci-fi authors Isaac Asimov and Arthur C. Clarke), an engineer who is part of the rescue team on board the USG Kellion on a mission to investigate what has happened to a vessel that mines planets by tearing loose sections of it and grinding them down, a so called planet cracker. The ship is the USG Ishimura and attempts to hail her are met with silence... As a space-engineer you gain acces...

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Revenge or Rehash? 2

                            Zuma - if you haven't played it - is a puzzle game where a winding row of marbles are moving towards a stone skull. Your goal is to stop them from reaching it by firing like-colored marbles from a stone frog in the center of the screen so that groups of three or more marbles of the same color are lined up, where by they explode and the remaining marbles role back to fill the gap. With some strategically aimed shots you can create chain reactions that garner you more p...

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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 0

It isn't my fault. They told me they'd fixed it!The Force Unleashed is not the best game ever made and the Euphoria, DMM and Havok systems aren't utilized to their best effect, instead they represent pockets of physics-fun sharply contrasted against the otherwise static backdrops, much like how the actors in Episode II stood out against the CGI-backdrops in all too many of it's scenes. There are also some camera issues and sound glitches and I've had the game completely freeze my 360 on one occa...

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Half-Life: Episode One 0

First off let's get that name out of the way. Originally HL2:EP1 was named Half-Life2: Aftermath, to me a much cooler an more logical name. I don't understand how HL2:EP1 was approved, because it's not true. HL2:EP1 is NOT the first part of HL2, it's a continuation of the HL2 story, so how could it be Episode One? I understand that they wanted to get the "Episode" in there to show that this is episodic content and the "One" because this is the first in a three-part extension of the HL2 story-a...

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