;_; Two days left

I only have two days left before I have to go back to work. ;_;  I've gotten way too used to having all of this free time.  And once the new semester starts I will have not time to myself at all. lol  I made like a ton of submission but most of the ones that have been accepted were my images for original Game boy games like Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong Land I and II.

But whatever I'll let all this stuff get accepted or denied before I start making a bunch of new submissions.  I'll only be able to make them on my days off and weekends from now on.


400 Posts

Yeah I really need to take a break from the site. lol 400 posts in 3 and a half days is just insane.  But the only reason I'm logged on for so long is because I'm off of work all week long, so starting Monday my post count will decrease significantly after that.

Oh, and my big Pokemon Red/Blue article finally got approved, and I got bumped up to 107 points!


GB, GBC, GBA Screenshots

I have been wondering what I want the majority of my submissions to be and I decided that I want to submit as many Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance screen shots and box art as possible.  I mean some sites have only like one or two screen shots for each game and that is just lame.  So I think that we should have like 50 to 100 screen shots for each game, but I'll just do like 20 at a time for each game so it won't be overwhelming.


GameStop and Wal-Mart Trip

Yesterday I brought it all my Naruto DVD Boxed Sets cause most GameStops are not going to take in movies anymore and I am not gonna watch them anymore.  So I ended up getting like 52 bucks in credit for them, and what I took home was pretty good.  I got Conan, Saints Row, and Perfect Dark for the 360 and Blinx: The Time Sweeper and LOTR: The Third age for the original Xbox.  Then I went to Wal-Mart later that day and they had Transformers for the Xbox 360 on clearance for 15 buck so I got that as well.

Overall I think I got a good take, and it will definitely be kept busy until Banjo on XBLA and Banjo 3 come out.



I am really liking this whole submission system.  I can add information on the games that I know and other people can add info that they know and it just builds a really great community for all of us.


Lego Wishlist

We already have Lego Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and Batman, but I want more.  Here is my wish list for the next Lego game.

  • Lego Tron
  • Lego Grand Theft Auto
  • Lego Halo
  • Lego Battlestar Galactica
  • Lego Metal Gear Solid
  • Lego Dragon Ball Z
  • Lego Metroid

Yeah, none of these will never happen, but it is nice to dream.

Love It!

This is probably the best gaming site I've seen in a long time, and it is only in the beta stages.


Loving the site

So after mashing my F5 button for the past 5 or 6 hours, the site was finally put up.  I have to say that it has totally exceeded my expectations and more.  The design is very accessible and doesn't overwhelm at all.  The color scheme is nice on the eyes, nothing too busy.  I've been able to navigate easily for the most part around the entire site.  But on thing that I haven't seen yet is buttons for each system.  I know that like 99% of other gaming sites has that, but they have it for a reason, it is the easiest way to get where you need to go.  That is a really minor complaint, but a complaint nonetheless.

I am really excited about the site, and I can't wait to test the waters a little bit more, but for now I am totally loving the site.

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