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What is is twitter account? I can't find it on his user page.

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Well I've been coming back for the last few months now trying to get in contact with someone from the site without actually having to change my username but it had been at least a year.

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well I PM'd some of the original staff hoping they could do something, but I'm not expecting them to really do anything now that you've said that this has happened before. :/

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I logged in after a period of inactivity and was surprised to find out I couldn't log in because the site told me my username was unavailable now and I'd have to change it. My old username 'Thomas' which basically broke my f5 button to get when GiantBomb first launched is now gone and I can't even get anyone from the site or Whiskey to email me back to explain why. Has anyone else had this issue?

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Well, they did bring Viva Pinata to the DS, so I'm thinking that it may be possible....

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how can you guys rag on twitter when all the guys from the site have twitter accounts, and they even set one up for the site itself...

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I have a feeling that Sony is gonna keep that whole 10 year schtick with the PSP.  They are gonna keep making minor updates for about the next 6 years.

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^^^ I don't know why my other post is showing up blank....


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Mario die will never die, even after Nintendo dies, Mario will live on.