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I've been saying this multiple times, but reporting this is only keeping the ball rolling. All the anonymous assholes want is attention and perceived power. Report about it and you give them both. Don't report about it and you take it away from them.

This guy wasn't going to do anything. Who tells people they're going to bomb a school before they do it? This guy realized that a guy on twitter could make someone leave their house and then he realized he could change real life just by issuing a threatening letter, so he did.

This is not someone who is trolling people on a message board. Ignoring the threats does not mean this person will get bored and go do something else. These are real threats on someones life, and should be treated like real threats.

If these threats had been about an issue other than feminism would you take them more seriously? If it had been a result of: race, gun control, immigrant rights, or worker rights, would you be more inclined to believe that this person would turn to violence? Attacks like these are not unprecedented, so I'm not sure why you seem to think that anyone would be incapable of carrying out an attack like the one described.

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I'm glad you decided to share your thoughts on ff7. I think you're right about your position in regards to final fantasy being rare and, I'm grateful you were able to articulate so clearly why you felt the way you did about the game. I feel that it is rare to see someone try a honest opinion piece about a game as beloved as final fantasy 7. Though in broad strokes you agreed with what many gamers say about the game, it was your "why" that I found so interesting.

Anyways, thanks for sharing

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@fallen189: I just bought a refurbished one off the Nintendo site. It's only 200$ for the deluxe 32G one, and it comes with Nintendo land. So that's an option.

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I wanna say no, it does not include standard diablo 3.

Edit: I'm 99% sure the expansion doesn't include the base game; Blizz is still selling the digital base version of Diablo 3 on their online store. If you buy the expansion, you will need to also buy standard D3.

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prolly guilty gear

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@drx25 said:

Pretty sure the second GIF was the kickoff to a storyline where Muta impregnated that lady with his mist and she would later give birth to a giant egg that hatched a wrestler.

As someone who has never watched wrestling..... what?

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Man, Jeff goes on vacation and everything goes fucking insane.

Right?! He's gonna be pissed when he comes back and sees this shitshow!

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I would have to say Persona 4

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4 suffered from taking itself too seriously. Not as big of an issue in gta 5

I really didnt like 4 for that reason.