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seriously tho, where were you banned from?

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frickin love it

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@brodehouse said:
@video_game_king said:

Does anybody else feel that people actively make Anita relevant to serve some ulterior motive? That the rage has a function for a community such as this? Or am I pulling things out of my ass?

What do you mean? Like the anti-feminist crowd using her as an effective whipping boy? I could see that.

Yea, pretty much this. Holding her up as representative of feminism (or Internet discourse, or some other such topic) only to knock it down.

well yeah, but isn't that par for the course on the internet?

Step 1: twist an opinion / argument to ridiculous levels.
Step 2: attribute that twisted argument to someone who you do not fancy.
Step 3: ridicule that person for having such ridiculous opinions / arguments.
Step 4: Feel very Superior
Step 5: repeat step 1

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Of all the dumb names...

You sir are correct

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thanks for the heads up I totally would have missed this

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@soapy86 said:

Speculating about a company's future =/= hating a company.

I totally agree

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@starvinggamer: zeigeist is a factor I'm not gonna lie. I'm going to really busy with school for for the rest of the week. So by the time I'm ready to buy ether game BD will be out.

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@superkenon said:

Fire Emblem is a damn good game that I'd recommend to almost anyone, even if they weren't into that kind of game. For my money, you can't go wrong there. I can't tell you which is better though, since Bravely Default hasn't been released in the States yet. I say, if you're playing the demo and loving it, you should probably go for it. Fire Emblem will always be there for later on down the road, right?

If it helps, there's a demo for Fire Emblem as well.

There is a Bravely Default demo as well, so might as well try both, @techhits

I just finished the BD demo, I dumped 6 and a half hours in....

I liked it

But I have only heard good things about fire emblem, still haven't made up my mind.

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@bisonhero: I didn't realize it had not come out yet. I just figured with everything that I had been hearing about this game it was already out.

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@quantris: yeah I'm playing the BD demo right now, it's really good. it reminds me of FF.... in a positive way tho :P