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those letters are close on the key board. Could have happened to anyone.

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Like the argument between dvorak and qwerty keyboards, it doesn't really matter what you use. I am a carpentry in Canada and use both. Imperial when it comes to framing anything and metric when its time to form up concrete. I agree with the original post that things will probably sort themselves out eventually. Also I know dvorak is slightly faster and still don't care.

Please elaborate. Are you a carpentry, or are you the very idea of carpentry? Are you the God of Carpentry in Canada? Or merely some manner of carpentry elemental? As an Ontarian, I feel like this is something I should know.


This should win comment exchange of the year.

I second

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@nightriff: you could maybe convince her on plain old Ryan instead, I think it might be an easier sell.

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Personally I think it is way better coop

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In writing I would say it's a no go. However, if your'e just talking to someone then why not.

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I don't get it

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hate to be that guy but...this thread

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seriously tho, where were you banned from?

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Does anybody else feel that people actively make Anita relevant to serve some ulterior motive? That the rage has a function for a community such as this? Or am I pulling things out of my ass?

What do you mean? Like the anti-feminist crowd using her as an effective whipping boy? I could see that.

Yea, pretty much this. Holding her up as representative of feminism (or Internet discourse, or some other such topic) only to knock it down.

well yeah, but isn't that par for the course on the internet?

Step 1: twist an opinion / argument to ridiculous levels.
Step 2: attribute that twisted argument to someone who you do not fancy.
Step 3: ridicule that person for having such ridiculous opinions / arguments.
Step 4: Feel very Superior
Step 5: repeat step 1