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@DocHaus said:

To @TechHits:I hope you're more interested in this game than the post made you sound if you're starting a topic for it.

What an odd thing to say, I'm not totally sure how to respond to that.

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Interesting, nearly half of the replies to the thread were talking about how much they don't want to play the game. Not normally a good sign, but we'll see what happens when the game comes out I guess.

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I was wondering if there was going to be any community here on GB for SC5. I would like to get an idea of how many people on here on GB are going to buy SC5 for sure, and would be interested in playing online with other people. There hasn't been tons of talk here up to this point so I'm just trying to figure out if that means disinterest, or perhaps just a lack of material to talk about.

--So who here is interested in SC5

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I think it still might be 4.89 too much, but hey that's just me.

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@Sauson said:

Seung Mi-na has been my go to since SCII but I also really like Setsuka.

wow, that's so weird same here.

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@blueinferno: if they didn't put them on the cover how would people know they were in the game?

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I can't wait for this game and have it pre-ordered. With that said, does it strike anyone else odd that there are 12 unannounced characters with little over a month until the game ships? I wonder if they have many new characters or if most of the rest will be returning characters. Just seems odd to not have more revealed at this point.

it seems that teasing characters months in advance is a relativity new trend, they may leave a portion of the roster a mystery before the game launches.

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sick deal

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@DreadAlert: so as long as you are fine with the smaller case, and are confident in your ability to modd the stick, I would go with the SE.

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I disagree.