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Awesome someone used their internet magic and fixed it, thanks guys!

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spoilers Frog was the bad guy all along.

Who is this Frog you speak of? Related to Brog, perhaps?

Spoilers Brog is Frog, and the bad dude all along.

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I hope at some point in the future they allow you to play versions of characters against one another, like vanilla Sagat verses AE Yun.

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spoilers Frog was the bad guy all along.

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Huge fan, and hands down favorite fighter is Rashad Evens.

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I feel like rarely are Video game tattoos a good idea, there is plenty of images floating around to back me up. I would say if you're going to get one, not only be sure it's what you want, but also that you are getting it done by some with talent.

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Anyone else see the irony?

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Are you in North America?

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Oh, and I just looked it up. It seems the game came out on PSN pretty recently (october), if you want it that way instead. I wonder if it includes the anime cutscenes.

Edit: It's also on Virtual Console if you have a Wii.

The PSN version has load times, so I wouldn't grab that one unless you've got no other options.

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While we are on the topic of Chrono Trigger, is Chrono Cross good?

not as good as chrono trigger

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well I tried logging on with firefox and I had the same problem. I really hope that there is some kind of fix it really sucks not being able to easily see all the threads I subscribed to.