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I'm also looking for a ditto,

kyle 3110-4724-1576

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Edit: Found a Drowzee.

Still offering Squirtles or Y exclusive Pokemon though. I don't know what I want, so just make me an offer.

I very much want a squirtle, I can get you any of the x or y starters, bulbasaur, or I donno something else you might want.

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I'll add some bombers,

my fc is: 3110-4724-1576

Trainer: kyle

pokemon x

I'm not sure how to look at what my safari type is

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With U$1.800 dollars, a Brazilian person can take a flight to miami, buy a PS4 and flight back, and it would STILL spend less money than buying directly in Brazil. This is how ridiculous the price is.

I am about to graduate college in U.S (going back to brazil in december) and OF COURSE i will bring one extra PS4 with me and sell it there for a cheaper price, but i will still make a good profit on it.

When you cross the border you'll have to pay duty on it. Basically that's the tax you would have had to pay in Brazil.

Unless it's totally different if you have a school visa I donno.

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The models in this game look fantastic, especially the rounder pokemon like snorelax or slowpoke, and yep cute pokemon are looking cute.

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Not you too -.- good grief.

It's already been explained, but here goes: I am not surprised that a Sony console costs more in Brazil because even the 360 and PS3 that are now priced almost evenly in other places are still priced different in Brazil. Or are you reffering to the tax part that Sony and Microsoft have no control over as well because that one should be obvious, but feel free to insult me as well for not agreeing with you on something.

that's all fine and good, but no one was asking you that. The guy before me just asked why the xboxone was half the price of the ps4, and you went off about sony and microsoft killing world leaders.

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It was some nonsense like that yeah.

Yet here we are again, apparantly supposed to act surprised at this new found information that happens every damn time.

Like big games companies or console makers just release some alzheimer's virus or do the whole Men In Black flash thingy every time they release a new console just so they will forget how it was exactly the same as the last time they launched something in Brazil :P

except this time the CEO of Sony said in an interview that they were aiming to release the console in Brazil at the same price as the US and right now, you can preorder a Xbox One for half the price of the PS4.

Aiming never meant "We're elite snipers and hit the target we aim for all the time"

Just like how "maybe" still doesn't mean "Yes", it still means "50/50 chance it may or may not happen"

If they come back later and then change the price, THEN people can act surprised all they want.

This is just business as usual, not Sonys fault (unless they control the taxes in Brazil for some reason)

Then how do you explain the Xbox One price?

The other overpriced console that still costs a lot because of taxes that Microsoft aren't in control of either?

I don't know, I'm not searching for drama where there is none.

How much power do you actually believe that Sony and Microsoft has?

Like, do they control taxes everywhere? could they have world leaders killed if they wanted to?

what in the world are you talking about?

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I kept it off until I had my main team completely EV trained (or Super Trained now, I guess.) I'm not sure if EV points carry over in the new Exp. Share, but I didn't want to take the risk and end up diluting shit.

the new exp share does effect EV points, that's why I'm not using it personally.

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That was terrible. And everyone involved should feel ashamed.

yeah, that's about right.