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nightmare on elm street

edit: wow someone only 2 posts above me said the same thing obviously they should get on it :P

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a cat

I take it that was some independent learning on your part.

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@itwongo said:

What will happen when it's fixed?

the score will go up

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Enter the Dominatrix Dies So That Rockstar Toronto May Expand

this one's my favorite.

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I'm in Canada and the same thing happened to me, I am not a happy camper.

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@jakob187: There's nothing wrong with not wanting to play video games. If you would rather be doing other things in your spare time you should do them. from your post It almost sounds like you feel some sort obligation to play more games.

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@milkman said:

Not falling for this shit again...


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In my teens I was known for being able to eat ANY INSECT I was challenged with.

I kinda did it for shock value, doing something so simple while everyone else is freaking out. Feels SO good man.

I'm speechless

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iirc shinys are more common in the friend safari because encountering the same pokemon repeatedly raises the chance of it being shiny, and if your friend is offline there is only two Pokemon that can appear.

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Edit- Sorry duder, that scared the shit out of me taking that long! I hope the male is okay, if you want I can give you a female instead if you prefer? Thank you so much!

The fruits of my labor for the perfect 5IV Timid (Disable) Gengar in shiny form (excuse my douchebaggery, this took me forever!) :

jeebus how many hours did that take?