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Scott Pigrim vs The Random Crashing 0

The side-scrolling beat 'em up is a great choice of genre to use for a Scott Pilgrim game. Inherently retro, like the geek chic references in the comics, and simultaneously hardcore and casual (you can do a stage without being hit once or you can just dumbly wander through hammering X) it's a genre that the franchise nestles into very comfortably. Add in some light RPG elements and you also allow it to add in gaming tropes such as HP, levelling up, unlocking new moves and "Guts" (using the same ...

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A very long review that can be summarised with "Buy this game" 0

  So Capcom sure love "upgrading" their games, huh?Capcom seem to be experts at changing things while still keeping them familiar. Or sometimes of keeping things the same but making them feel fresh (the recent Megaman games spring to mind). Street Fighter IV is a case of the former; it felt modern, slick and advanced yet still had the classic Street Fighter II feel rather than an (arguably) overly-complex and bloated feel like the Guilty Gear/BlazBlue series. It managed to update its look with 3...

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