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I thought the game was fine difficulty wise.  I mean - Normal wasn't EASY I died here and there.  I didn't really like using the Vita Chambers just b/c usually if I was in a fight I'd play like I didn't have infinite lives.   In other words, I'd end up using all this health and ammo.  I usually just decided to re-load a save game.

I've heard on the harder difficulties it's quite difficult though.  Regardless, I found it to be an entertaining game - and that's what counts right?

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I just finished the game actually.  I had never played it before the PS3 release. 

I felt the same snags you're feeling.  I didn't particularly like the way customizing your plasmids equip was dealt with.  It was too restrictive IMO. 

But I must say, I think the game got more interesting the further along I got.  Towards the later 3/4 of the game you generally have enough plasmids and weaponry to do things the way you want to do them.  This made it much more enjoyable taking out Big Daddies and splicers.  In addition, the world had a lot of really interesting back story IMO.

I'd finish it.  It's a pretty good example of good story telling in a game.  Not the best FPS on a console IMO but it's solid.

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Vigorousjammer said:
"Tarsier said:
"Let me get this straight, is Ryan complaining that there is no point to the levels? Can you actually not make an end goal to your maps?
Like collect ten keys or something to unlock a door, can you do that? Or is the point of the game just screwing around with the editor and making stuff move in funny ways?
You can make an end gate to your level, you can create your own goals... so the fact that there is no objective is stupid, because you can MAKE YOUR OWN OBJECTIVE...
The satisfaction I get from creating a level is kind of the same satisfaction I get from playing Rock Band...
I can't actually do it, so I'll do it the fake way and have fun!"
The difference being that you can, in theory, make levels on par or better than the levels provided by Media Molecule.  So you are actually being a level designer.
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I see where both sides are coming from here.  I've played through the entire story mode and really enjoyed it.  From a platformer standpoint I thought it was a solid game.  It's certainly not the best  platformer I've played but it was enjoyable and adequately challenging at parts.  It's story elements were weak but then again are Mario's really that strong either?  I'm pretty sure we've been playing the same story for 20 plus years now (and I've been enjoying it, don't get me wrong).  LBP does offer something different, that may or may not appeal to folks.  If it doesn't I completely understand that b/c it's quite an involved process and intimidating to me.

One of the things I did early on was get into the level editor tools.  I think I played the first level and then tried out the tools to see what I had in my tool box (not that much at the beginning).  I started going through the tutorial and quickly became overcome with what all the tools could do.  I decided to quit that for a while and play through the game.  It was when I took the game from that perspective that I fell in love with the game.  After briefly familiarizing myself with the tools, the levels themselves took on a whole new meaning.  They were almost like awesome examples of what I could do with the game if I wanted.  They conveyed simple story elements in outstandingly creative ways.  The more I played and unlocked tools and items the more I couldn't wait to get back into the level editor and try out some ideas.  If I had ignored the level editor and just played the game I don't think I would have the appreciating for what Media Molecule has done.

Now this certainly may not appeal to a some people.  And that's understandable.  Some people like bullet point objectives and an arrow pointing them to their location.  The objectives of the game are somewhat gray.  Could the game have given you more objectives by having you design a level to accomplish task X or Y?  Sure it could have.  Then it would be something like Incredible Machines though.  As it stands LBP takes a little bit from here and there and combines it into a package that's going to be a milestone for gaming.  LBP is a sandbox game in every sense of the word.  That's not appealing to some people but I certainly dig it.

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Yeah, I didn't think the demo was that great.  It made me actually specifically not want to buy the actual game.  I guess that's one use of a demo!

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There are no gold trophies, but instead a TON of bronze.  From a level standpoint it should be the same (i.e. a ton of bronze = a gold or silver or whatever).  Joystiq had an article about the trophies that will be featured in the game.

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That's probably one of the few RPGs I would play all the way through again (that and Chrono Trigger). 

Also - I wouldn't be suprised if, instead of a remake they release it on PSN...although that would be pretty huge.  But they did do that with Xenogears in JPN.

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I really don't have anything against the other consoles.  I wish I could have them all but here are my reasons:

I don't have enough money for all of them
I had a Wii but found I didn't really play it much (as neat as it was at various times).
I didn't want a 360 b/c of friends bad experiences with machines bricking
The PS3 allowed Linux Install :)
The PS3 had MGS3 coming out

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I really enjoyed the game.  I found it relaxing.  Wonderful graphics and wonderful music.  I'm most definitely going to pick this one up when it's released.

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Same with me...but if they release it on PSN I may give it another go.

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