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I'm not gonna be able to stream out everything, but I'm gonna try to stream out everything I play on PC or Xbone. The one thing I know I'm going to do is stream Fahrenheit a/k/a Indigo Prophecy sometime on Saturday afternoon, probably starting a bit after Noon central time.

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I won't be streaming the whole thing but I'll do as much as I can. I missed the chance to be part of Team GB last year so I'm excited to help out this year.

My donation page

My Twitch page

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USMNT, Liverpool, and Minnesota United FC.

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Today, we are all inhabitants of the Lang Zone.

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Out of the mines! Thank you Angel Ryu!

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I signed up.

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@jasonr86 said:

@planetfunksquad said:

@jasonr86: How does this ruin the integrity of the site though?

This is getting pretty funny.

The site has no integrity to me anyway. I don't give two fucks about the site. But a lot of people seem to. Remember the 9 year old that raised $20K on kickstarter and a bunch of people lost their shit about it? I'm saying it is hypocritical to lose one's shit about that 9 year old's kickstarter and not this kickstarter when both are just as worthless.

One is exploiting a child who has no idea what's going on, the other is just some 9-year old games developer. ;)