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So given there's a chance a woman getting hired, I was wondering: are girls duders too? Duderettes? Dudetters? What's the appropriate nomenclature here? Is a duder just a duder regardless? I feel like this is an important issue

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Does Call of Duty qualify for the IGF now?

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I've visited Giant Bomb pretty much every day for the past five years. The podcasts, Quick Looks, reviews, and assorted other dumb/amazing features got me through some pretty miserable times. Ryan was always the beating heart of the site and his passing leave an immeasurable hole in all our lives. He was the warmest and friendliest guy around, while at the same time being one of the all-time-great hilarious fucking assholes. We're gonna miss you buddy.

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It's coming... I feel it in my xbones.

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Brad just finished up his live stream to go record the bombcast so it's going to be a preeeeetty late one.

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I'll add to the chorus. Just attempted to add a game to one of my lists, and ever after I see the green bar saying "List Updated," the new game is nowhere to be found. (Oddly, the new number ranking for the games that were previously on the list are saved, as if the new game was added correctly.)

This is exactly what happened to me.

Ditto. I know it's not a priority but lists are one of my favorite GB features and them being so busted for so long is really starting to bum me out.

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Here we go!