Red Alert 2 , How could I forget you?

After deciding not to buy Red Alert 3, my second c&c game I have not brought ( Kanes wrath being the other one, EA already robbed me with c&c3) because of the DRM issue and that it just not look very good, and that I dont believe EALA are a very good developer, I decided to fire up red alert 2 and remember how c&c used to be good.

Fucking hell, I remember red alert 2 being good, but not this awersome. The campaign is still great and the music is pure win, hell march 2 still gets me pumped and the FMV are actually good becuase they dont feel forced. Also with EA shouting about how original there unit design is in red alert 3 "LOOK WE HAVE ATTACK DOLPHINS AND BEARS" well red alert 2 kinda had the attack dolphins first and giant squid that could take down a huge ships, so not really original is it EA?

Anyways, if you are looking for a fast paced rts that has fun units, story and is just plain brilliant then go play Red Alert 2, trust me its worth your time.