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Got to go with Mass Effect 2. It took the all the good stuff from ME1 and made the combat better. Easily had the best characters of this generation, felt like I was playing the Star Trek game I've always wanted. Also I'm a sucker for anything Sci-Fi.

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Such sad news. My thoughts go out to his friends and family.

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The reason I listen to the bombcast is because it goes off-topic. Constant video game discussion gets boring after a while.

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If I am still in time, thanks anyway.

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@Hooded said: 
1. They can dump DICE as the multiplayer developers, let them continue on any other Battlefield, Mirrors Edge and Need for Speed games they are currently working on and they can allow the singleplayer devs (Danger Close) to develop the Multiplayer aswell.  
DICE are not working on a Need for Speed game, I think you are thinking of Criterion.
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You should probably go look at www.animevice.com, sure you will find an anwser to your question.

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Nope, the death penalty is just murder by the state. Society results in being just as bad as the murderer. Glad to live in a country that has not got it (UK).

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Kind of a big delay between you doing the action and it happening on screen. Still not that impressed, maybe e3 will change my mind.

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Ok, Tennessee can rebuild itself due to having one of the richest countries in the world as its governement, it will not be left alone. Haiti on the other hand is one of the poorest countries in the  world, to be rebuilt it will need all the support it can get. And  when it is it will not be rebuilt earthquake proof due to not having the funds available. So when another earthquake hits it will happen again. Unlike Tennessee where flood protection schemes will be put in place to help proctect it in the future.
You mention how the people of Haiti are lazy, and dont achieve. Well I hardly think thats fair. Unlike America where eduaction is for all, the people of Haiti dont have this luxary and as a result the popualtion dont have the right skills to work themselves out of poverty. Its up to the developed countires in the world to get off there arse and start helping these countries out. I'm not saying throw money at them but working on the ground to help them build a productive communtiy and give the future generations an education.
All disasters are horrible and I feel for both the people of Haiti and that of Tennessee, however undeveloped countries need the support of dveveloped coutries more as there governemnt cant provide the support the people need to surive. A vast contrast to Tennessee where they have the backing of the US governemnt.

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If the Lid Dem want PR then there only choice is Labour, the tories will never give it to them, would be uproar from within the party. Senior tories are already not happy with how the election campaign was run. Also I dont think most Lib Dem votes would want to be in bed with the Conservatives.