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Remember the good old days of Demon's Souls 4-1? Remember how the human player would summon phantoms to fight reds, while standing near those boulders and without ganging up on the reds? Here's a nice example of how you can host pvp without ganking people in Dark Souls:


Key thing is to stand on one of the hills, otherwise the red phantom will get spooked (I would). So not being a jerk is definitely possible in Dark Souls, as well. I'm not saying it's likely, though...

Also, this is my last post, cause of the awesome post count. :3

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My posts on these Internet forums enlighten and entertain.  Isn't that enough?

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@DeeGee said:

"Seriously, who goes around calling people 'casuals'? "

The "1337 hardcores."
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I wish I could stop my postcount from increasing.  I'm so close to greatness.

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@jamr_mx: I think they should go through a major staff change, too, IMHO.
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When working on my undergrad degree, I commuted and hated it.  After the hour and a half commute, I felt like a zombie during lectures.  My grades improved when I moved closer to the university.    Also, university isn't about making friends.  It's about getting good grades and getting out ASAP.  YMMV.

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Mashroom kingdom.

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@LordAndrew said:

" @teh_pwnzorer said:

" @Atramentous said:

I will take that as a no then. 
Anyone else on here that can read and type care to explain to me if this game only has "lag" when you are stationary or traveling at a speed the game was not balanced around you driving at?
I highly recommend you buy this game.  You deserve it. "
Do you have a video of what was requested? It shouldn't be hard for you to find one, so bring it here. I find it odd that you're being so evasive. "
You guys are either joking, trolling or idiots.   I already contributed a lot of video examples (which I found on youtube and aren't mine) to this thread.  If you're curious do your own research, lazy bums.  Also, I'm gonna stop posting once I hit 1337. :-P
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" Its what you get for per-orders or day of purchase, sites like GB aren't only here for marketing. Research before purchase next time, you've learned your lesson. Also wasn't this game marketed as a arcade/very little sim blend? "

It was marketed as a functioning game.  That part was a lie.
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But, I don't really think it would take a field expert to notice lag. Input lag is usually pretty easy to notice, especially when it's as bad as it is in those videos you posted.

Maybe, the game "smooths" out the response to the analog control, so there is some response initially but the reaction is much slower than the controller's movements.  So it's not really some kind of accidental flaw.   It makes sense if you're using a keyboard: you don't want the wheels to instantly swerve in either direction.  But it makes no sense with a wheel.