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well this isn't good.

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eh don't be so touchy. I've enjoyed reading all of this nonsense again and the hope of hearing from TC is nice too. As someone who has considered CS late in life (28) as a major, I like hearing about stuff like this.

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What the hell did Drake do anyway?

No really. In all the years he's been around Giant Bomb acting like a Gremlin not once has anyone actually mentioned what he does.

...It's at the top of this page and has been mentioned probably hundreds of times.

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I mostly use steam summer sales to buy stuff for others. Is this common?

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If you need any help on where NOT to live in Chicago I'll help ya out. Gotta be safe in the murder capital.

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Dude that is awesome! Welcome to Chicago!

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Battlefield Vietnam...because it's the only one I actually played. Good ficking luck flying a helicopter without a stick. And bamboo sticks...those assholes broke me.

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Brad nailed it! This was great to listen too. Conversation flowed seamlessly from information to bathroom humor and back again. I like the idea of different hosts all the time, but I feel like they wouldn't be the same if Jeff is in the room with them just because of the influence/pure persona he would put on them. Then again, Jeff has earned another day off a week for a couple months so maybe this could happen. I like Jeff and his input on the bombcast of course, but I think switching it up host wise would be great. Nothing against Jeff, and it isn't fair to him, but I have to judge all bombcast hosts against the original and Jeff doesn't have that. Keep trying until you find it. You won't, but it will at least be a fun ride.

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@sterling: webMD Always says it's cancer. Or anxiety. It's those 2. Or wait heart disease.

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Yeah. Still on a 4s here and I am done with it. Got a Nexus 7 for Xmas and love that interface so I'm just waiting for Google to announce a new Nexus 5 equivalent so I can switch.