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I'm mostly mad that I got rid of my SNES before I could spend more time in it. Trading my SNES and games for a ps2 was a horrible trade besides the Street Hoops high games in college. At this point I wish I had more time for gaming.

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Yup. Pretty horrible. Use @monkeyman04 logo.

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Run. Run as fast as you can. Get out! I don't trust the legal system at all. Too many stories of people getting out 30 years later and the judges being like "whoops" like that makes up for all that time. Sure you can sue and get a couple million, but you still lived through torture, money won't fix that.

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Began a life long struggle with alcoholism. Good luck buddy. Check your DNA. It will give you a heads up.

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So this kid is almost 18 by now right? I demand a follow-up so we can crush his dreams.

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From what I've seen, hunting in Africa, especially of this sort, is a totally different ballgame than if you are hunting your own/friends land in the US. Like you said, you would be at a conservation/place of high density for your prey, so there would be a lot less attracting/hiding involved. Most of what I've seen from Africa involves you driving up to basically an area HIGHLY populated with your target and it is only a short matter of time before you get a chance to drop your target. I say go for it, but I don't think that you will be involved in an engagement of lengthy baiting/tracking your kill.

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I hate Gundams. It isn't functional. It would be easier to just outfit a human with a more responsive mechanical suit. A battle between one Gundam that cost some country their entire GDP vs 300 super soldiers is game over.

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Damnit, Jeff linked the video on his tumblr...well it was a good run Jeff.

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hey guys, are we cool with this? Like...I know we shouldn't encourage this, but should we stop it? A part of me knows that we need to stop this because the headline "Forum allows main guy to get murdered" is bad. I'm just saying that I haven't seen Jeff post anything since this went up.