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Not loading on my phone but favorited until I get home.

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I was 7 years old at SAM'S CLUB and saw a sticky note under the table that said the password was jazz. I spent that day and for year afterwords, until I got my own pc, everyday I went to Sam's plumbing the depths of the internet. I felt like a wunderkind hacker every time. I also refused to tell my friends the password. Like a jerk.

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I work hard. I play hard. That means I take lots of breaks to decompress and reflect. Then right back in.

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Eh he plays competitive multiplayer games like I do. That means if you aren't trying hard enough if you don't curse all the time. Sure they don't always need to be out loud but he's recording so let em fly.

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@ripelivejam: yeah he's convinced me to get a second monitor(luckily havnt pulled the trigger yet due to researching shelving for the monitor/I'm right in a corner). Rorie has no respect for the struggle.

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Rorie is busy. Stop bothering him unless necessary.

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I disagree more with this free mixing of gamespot and giantbomb logos than squarespace being added in.

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The newest gimmick with having them both on screen the whole time is great. Watching Dan knowing that bad stuff is about to happen because he is covering his face is fantastic. Dan knows what the crowd wants and he delivers.

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There's a reason people let him run things. This attitude.

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Easiest thing i remember being able to do was just goto wow.curse.com and just start downloading the most popular addons and see which you need and which you don't. Haven't played since the start of MoP but it worked then. Jeff was right though, it was easier when it was just "download Cosmos" and figure it out. My strong addiction to the auction house means I spent alot of my addon work just messing with craftables and mats and scanning the AH, but man that sounds like fun...must resist the urge...