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Looks I gotta play that now * u*; I noticed there were also themes of this in Persona 4 Arena, during Labrys' story, or at least that's what I interpreted. I felt like I could relate to what she was going through; She wasn't quite like the humans("normal" people), but she also wasn't like the more robotic girls(lower-functioning autistic people). It was surreal.

Gone Home hit me hard. It was like it was reading my mind and playing it back to me. Even the part about running off. I've considered it. Strongly.

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"I bought my kid a 2DS but I can't find any games for it. Only 3DS ones"


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Maybe the AAA games should stop trying to rival film budgets and audiences and instead create more focused, cheaper-to-make products directed at people that are actually interested? Maybe then they wouldn't be losing so damn much?

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The new art/visual style is gorgeous.

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This sounds nightmarish. Just a multitude of horrible decisions. Do they not have anyone telling them these are all really terrible things to do with a video game console? Or are they actually trying to kill themselves off?

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Good lord, these comments have worn me out. I'm going to go take a nap, duders.

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Waited and read a bit before posting again. This statue is demeaning to the target audience and gamers in general, not all women. It's not sexist, it's just tasteless. It speaks volumes about our being uncomfortable with anything even remotely sexual and how incredibly desensitized to violence we've become, yet that's never brought up.

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Can I hug you? That was the best argument to why these articles shouldn't be here and actually won me over. I now, too, wish these articles weren't here at all and for Patrick to stop not having fun.

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The boob mug analogy is the perfect explanation for this. Thank you, Anna Kipnis, for explaining why I thought this was all so stupid. Sure as hell wasn't because I thought it was sexist.