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I've only been making courses for a few days now, but I really enjoy making short challenge courses.

ADC6-0000-0054-373D Leap?

9248-0000-0057-842F Leap more

8B24-0000-0059-166B Dangerous Parkour

9A38-0000-0059-3051 "No, Ed!"

4A97-0000-0059-5DFD Spring Ninja: Easy

8AB4-0000-0059-6120 Spring Ninja: Hard

6DBD-0000-005D-3F81 Leap further

The only one that's mean/unfair is "Leap more", because it has Lakitus. The rest are beatable with timing/skill.

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There is no "Try Free Demo" button appearing on the game page in the Playstation Store, but the game is still appearing in the "Demos" section. :S Is it gone or is it just not appearing for me?

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Can it be Giant Bomb related?

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Baby Luigi * u*

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Did I miss the boat? :( I just submitted my application, but is it too late?

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Looks I gotta play that now * u*; I noticed there were also themes of this in Persona 4 Arena, during Labrys' story, or at least that's what I interpreted. I felt like I could relate to what she was going through; She wasn't quite like the humans("normal" people), but she also wasn't like the more robotic girls(lower-functioning autistic people). It was surreal.

Gone Home hit me hard. It was like it was reading my mind and playing it back to me. Even the part about running off. I've considered it. Strongly.

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"I bought my kid a 2DS but I can't find any games for it. Only 3DS ones"


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Maybe the AAA games should stop trying to rival film budgets and audiences and instead create more focused, cheaper-to-make products directed at people that are actually interested? Maybe then they wouldn't be losing so damn much?

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The new art/visual style is gorgeous.