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I platinumed Dead Space. I am proud even though there wasn't really a point to doing it.

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Also it's 11:31 right now.
 So what if I decided to take a break from making these piles of unfathomable filth, it's back, anybody happy? Thought so why should I bother then? Because Chicago Randy said he'll "bring that but will Chicago Randy, I am." and that just scared the bajebus out of me. So I'm doing it. But mostly because I'm bored as hell and this is all I can do. Not really I have games that Ajay gifted me that I haven't played in forever I could play but uh that's not important (thanks again dude). 
So I'm ready, damn prepared. Made that image you see up top in a few minutes since it was a template and then I added those other things and that salesman. I got my chocolate bar in my stomach that I don't know why I ate, glass of also a name for a drug, keygen music on, unopened DS that has Pokemon when I open it up, few tabs open, bunch of folders open and my damn task manager up. Who could uphold me?  Also a chat and some game but screw that freshman. 
Top, what's that today? What's that next week, bitch. Sorry that was out of my hand. 
Don't even. 
 I'm going to assume that's German and damn well role with it. Damn damn damn damn I've said that quite some grenades. Grenade is not enough alone, take this nuke. So hopefully while not being that tired right now I can confuse the shit out of people and pole that year. That was no year but hold the ravo. What's a ravo? Dunno I already put an image up there, wait Germans? Right that's the topic right now, there is no topic though this is a lie. Just like that one referential thing with some baked good. I'm funny right? Yeah I know I hate me too.
Southern crams only appear in eastern areas, laser people need to be there.
 I've never myself seen a southern cram but if I guess correctly I lost millionaire. Just great I was close to 5 thousand dollars. Not even. So I wonder will anybody give a shit that this is back, there has only been one 'hate' comment on an old edition which was funny to me because I do this either because I'm bored or because people seem or maybe seemed now to like it. Sorry but I'm just that irresponsible for the characters of nore. Nore is a word shut up Google Chrome. Don't stop me I mean can't stop me I'm the ginger root man. See I just changed something ha ha oh wait that... crap I'm doomed. It seems I have predicted a doomsday once again, fuck you 2012 I win this time! Except that is not the case.  
I rather look at this than 2012. Actually... I rather look at Chicago Randy's wife. 
I was told not to talk about her because she can hear behind her back. Thing is she's staring at me right now. Not sure how she got here but I'm sure she is Chicago Randy's camera women. Cameratriss? Sure that works. Back on the topic, this stupid things. Some awesome keygen music just kicked in I'm damn prepared for the world. Aw crap I'm too prepared for things, my room is collapsing, my hair is falling out, I can't see my eyes! Dear Chicago Randy what did you do!? 
 Sorry I had one of my long word I don't feel like spell checking screw it let's see if I know how to spell it. Hallusionogen. Not even fucking close it's Hallucinogen. I'm not stupid! Your stupid! Damn right that's you'res. Hah. I'm just too well. Your just feeling good. Alright I'm done with hat it's killing my brain much more than I can. 
I can't really kill my brain right now so just take his word for it. 
Actually I should get this stuff finished who wants to read all this heaping leaping piles of leaping gills on my home of Terraria i don't own that game looks cool. Nice house you jackgren. I think we need an image for that hold on let me get my sources. No not jackgreen helipad! 
 Fuck did I really just find that from that? Aw god dammit... no offense to people who happen to like this stuff but... fuck... Well I don't like this thing and I might as well take myself out. I'm off for the day, as in going to just murder myself right now in front of Chicago Randy's wife. Maybe she'll feast on my body with that creepy head thing she had... dear god nobody must remember that and has no idea what his wife looks like... I'm just a failure. 

FAilure. See I didn't capitalize all that, which shows why. Good whatever, hope I'm tasty. Not in that way. Happy eating whatever your name is Chicago Randy's wife. Wait maybe he put it down below... Ingy? Good enough, weird name, anyways gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
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I find Fallout 3 way better than New Vegas. I'm not even sure what my reason is, I just can't get myself liking New Vegas as much as Fallout 3. New Vegas does have many awesome things that Fallout 3 doesn't though. Still, I just really like Fallout 3 better.

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I'd have to say the left panel from Pong. Nameless and 2D, but part of history. That little ball was actually the video game industry and it was trying to push it out of that basically empty world. But the truth is, the right panel was evil and was trying to keep it in the realm. But out of all Pong games, left panel won the most and let the video game industry start. And that is why the left panel from Pong is my favourite video game character.

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Ha ha... accidentally...

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@example1013 said:

Dear Britain,

Also please do something about Canada. I believe they're still your responsibility.

Love, America

The only thing they have the power to do is sign something when we make a new law and such. Also what's that supposed to mean? Did we do something wrong?
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SNES or N64.

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Yo dawg you be G money don't worry bout it son.

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what i be dawg.

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The only thing fun about Halo for me is playing multiplayer with friends. Used to go to an old friends house to have a Halo LAN party since it was his birthday with tons of other people. I haven't personally bought Halo or played the story modes for them so who knows maybe I like Halo for that aswell as the multiplayer. This thread is about how Halo is the best game franchise ever right? 
Being serious though, just because people hate a franchise doesn't mean they're stupid, I'll say that whether you're a troll or not. There could be stupid reasons why people hate a franchise but who gives a shit, play the damn game and enjoy it for yourself, some dudes opinion isn't going to destroy the franchise. I think.