Games that I want.

Every game that I will eventually get, if I don't lose interest in any of em.

[Edits]: ??/8/10 - Postal III removed since Postal Dude's voice changed. Stupid reason I know but, it's just not the same, plus the gameplay is kinda meh but i'll see.

10/2/10 - I'm adding Postal III again, It wont be the same but I didn't really want to play it only for the Postal Dude's original voice.

6/20/11 - Removing Duke Nukem forever, I haven't played the demo or anything but I'll remove it until then if I like the demo and such, doesn't look like a game I'd have fun with. Also removing Luigi's Mansion since it was my way of saying "I want Luigi's Mansion 2".

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Posted by AjayRaz

I liked SFIV, so I will like this. (RUFUS FOREVER!! Yeah I know he isn't in this one)

the hell you sayin' fool? he IS in SSFIV. all the chars are + old characters from previous SF games and new chars. 
Edited by AjayRaz

you should get twisted metal since twisted metal is pretty badass. you can use a magnetic crane to pick up the other cars and throw them into fire in twisted metal 4 and also you can drive a family wagon with rockets on it so you should be sold now 

Posted by TehFedro
@AjayRaz: I will