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HMs are the worst. If there were one thing I could change about Pokemon, it would be getting rid of HMs.

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@Jazzycola said:

@FlarePhoenix: For one, event pokemon do not count. Two, you're pretty much arguing with yourself because it was easier for me to get the 4 ones that are in the game whether or not you agree or not. Not to mention the fact that the game is like "hey maybe you should look around a bit to find ___" when you enter the area that its in. I'd say they are impossible to miss considering the game points them out in the area in which they are in. Let's not even talk about the fact that previous games the legendary pokemon didn't even unlock until you finished the story (or rather finished the elite four). You can keep trying to argue the fact that they weren't but the fact is they were. I don't really need to make my point beyond what I've already said because I'm right.

The only legendary in Red/Blue you couldn't get until after the elite four was Mewtwo. You could totally get the birds beforehand.

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I have quite the glorious beard.

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So, one thing I'd like to clear up. I'm a Christian, and that doesn't mean I act the way I do out of fear of punishment or a hope of reward. I've been shown more love by God than I can ever imagine. My being given the gift of eternal life has nothing to do with how good a person I am or what I've done, it's a gift from God, who sent his son to die on the cross as a stand-in for my sin. My ability to good comes from God's grace, not from sense of fear. It has always confused me how misunderstood the gospel seems to be, even by most Christians.

That said, if there were no afterlife, that more or less disproves the Bible, making most of what I've based my life around a lie. I'm not sure exactly what kind of effect that would have on how I live, but it would be depressing as all hell.

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Power Rangers was awesome when I was a kid.

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$200 plus the price of a couple games.

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I'm not super excited for the Wii U at the moment, but I'll buy one at some point.

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I want funky student and mysterious fox as a team. One of them attacks with the regular attack buttons and the other attacks with the persona buttons.

But between those two I'd rather see Junpei as an adult, so him.

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I can't really fathom the idea of Nintendo Power stopping.

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I played through OoT when it came out on 3DS, and I still really enjoyed it. Don't understand any of this nonsense about it not holding up. I'm not saying it's still the greatest game ever made, but it's still totally playable, which is impressive for an early 3D game. It's also one of the most important games made, so it has that going for it. Even if your friend doesn't like OoT, he probably likes a game that was inspired by it.