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How do I join the GB guild. I heard there's an overflow guild as well?

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OMFG Imagine how amazing it's going to look

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My relationship with physical media changed a decade ago.

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Thank goodness for not having a console.

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I feel pretty happy that there's 37% on that one vote choice =]

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I think? A 3570k, 8gb ram and 660 ti is considered a gaming PC right?

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The 660 ti is a completely respectable GPU but you're probably not gonna be able to run those games on full with no issues

The 770 and 780 are super super impressive, if you're interested in those.

edit: oh I seen your budget is $170.. hmm... Just stick with the 660 ti, still runs things great.

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I personally find Skyrim COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY boring without the Requiem mod. Vanilla games loses it's challenge within a few hours, Skyre mod loses it's challenge within several hours. I have been playing Requiem for a long long long time, and I still find it challenging, and unbelievably fun.

edit: Should probably edit and say yes I do play on Master, have played on Master difficulty from the beginning. I even made a ruleset with both vanilla and Skyre of No blacksmithing, potions, alchemy or fast traveling. Challenge still went away. Beauty with Requiem is the difficulty setting doesn't mean shit, since enemies aren't scaled in it.

Requiem, Frostfall, Open Cities, Morrowloot, Dragon Combat Overhaul

Gah, that was extremely difficult.. Some other mods that really help.

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So last night I came home from work, turned on my computer, and my second monitor (it's an old Acer monitor) wouldn't show the display, there was power to it, so I unplugged/replugged the VGA cable (yea I use VGA on that one lol) and it displayed and was working fine.

Tonight, it's doing it again and I unplugged/replugged VGA cable from both ends, did the obvious of turning it off then back on... Not doin anything =X

There's power going to it, cause it has like an orange light on the bottom, plus my computer resolution settings is recognizing it