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I've been twitching with excitement all day to get home for some Dominion. Played a little during the beta and it was exactly as Penny Arcade described in the comic. Adrenaline fueled action that burns out the nervous system instantly, but feels oh so good.

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That's awesome, I'm completely jealous.  Also, further proof that Talon isn't that great.

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The code is actually in the goodie bag, not at the Riot booth.

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I wasn't going to buy Crysis 2 until it dropped from the absurd price of $60, and now it looks like I won't play it at all.  I wouldn't be surprised to see piracy spike for any of their titles that are only released on Origin.  Steam makes buying a game so dang easy that it isn't worth anybody's time to pirate anymore.  Origin has a lot of bumps to get smoothed out.
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I really do wonder if there's something wrong with my taste in games because I've been enjoying it as well.  It's even more fun when I can get a couple friends to join in comp-stompin, even on hard.  Like you said, being level 10+ and trying to play solo is frustrating, you'll have to kill the entire other team solo every 20 seconds.

Maybe I played too many of those MMORPGERS or something...

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@floodiastus:  Sadly you didn't miss anything in WAR's endgame.  It basically consisted of avoiding PvP to min/max rewards and poorly designed dungeons until they finally fixed server issues allowing city sieges to happen.  I was gone long before a city fell though.
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@Bucketdeth said:
Warhammer had some great ideas, they were just implemented wrong and into a horrible engine.   Definitely going to give Rift a try. "
Rift gets a lot of those ideas right (public quests for example).  However, nobody that can talk about it has seen the end game.  That's where my last concerns lie.
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Ben Folds Five.  I'm still in shock that there's nothing from them with the keyboard making it's grand entrance.

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It's a good point about it possibly being commentary on immigration.  I initially read it as class warfare being played out.  The haves (those on the Ark) vs. the have-nots (other dudes).

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The beta signup lead me to believe that there was some facebook integration.  This whole thing seems weird though.