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Posted by tekmojo

My second in-game report for Age of Conan. This time I go back to the basics and create a totally new "boosted" character, the Barbarian. This video features some character creation, feats/abilities, single-player quests, and most importantly brutal combat. Enjoy!

Posted by Out_On_Bail

Nice video, I enjoyed that.  Almost makes me want to reinstall AoC. :x

Posted by tekmojo

Thanks...the game still has its fair share of bugs, the classes aren't too balanced, but I guess the devs have stated over and over they are not focusing on making this a 1v1 type pvp game (not sure if I believe that), instead making it more massive pvp. Taking a little break from screensaver online/excel in space, aka EVE, I wanted to get into something that offered a little less grind, and focused more on strategy and action. I guess the louder the community, and the more that people respond, the faster we can see some meaningful updates! Until games like The Old Republic, Champions Online, etc. come out, I'll just watch the MMO market and see what gets supported, and what doesn't. I need to also be more understanding of launches, since so many games aren't at full potential at their launch release. For example, if AoC launched today, rather than a year ago it would of been so much successful. Can't change the past though!