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I made this tribute 3 years ago after the TANG series died off. It was one of my favorite video series at time, MISS YOU BUDDY!

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I made this 3 years back as a tribute to the end of TANG, reminds me of why I love coming to Giantbomb and what sort of stuff I'm going to miss from Ryan. RIP man..

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Just started playing today! Would love an invite thanks :)

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@Branthog said:

Just an update. I'm sure nobody reads this far down. I wish there were a better way to get info out. Oh well.

We're now in the top 10% of servers tracked by GameTracker. We're getting close to the top 400 servers. We still require some boot-strapping to get the server going early in the day -- meaning, I have to login and play for a half hour until others start to join. Then, once we're going, I can log out and the server remains self-sustaining for 10-12 hours.

Valve also issued another update Thursday night that completely fucked up how configurations and modifications are handled. They issued no real information on how the changes work and how to transition to them, but they totally gutted entire configuration files that are useless now and added *several* new ones. And then moved them into a completely new location. And changed the syntax of them. Frustrating as hell. However, I think we've recovered and everything is back to normal.

Also, based on feedback I've heard from players on the server, I have made the following adjustments:

mp_roundtime is now set to 3 minutes. This is the default time with casual. Competitive uses 2 minutes. However, with a larger player count on the server and -- especially -- when we're not talking about 5v5 clans that play with each other for hours a week, two minutes makes hostage maps IMPOSSIBLE for CT. So, I increased the time to three minutes. I would have tried two and a half, but I don't think it'll accept that. Three minutes also allows a little more time for end-game. Watching two knuckleheads find each other and proceed to the knifing while we all talk behind their back and make fun of their mothers. This won't increase overall time of each map/game, though, because most rounds are over far sooner. This only gives some leeway for those few rounds that need it.

The freeze-time in the beginning is fifteen seconds, by default. I don't know why. That seems really long. I left buy-time at 45 seconds, but adjusted the freeze time down to 10 seconds. I may reduce it a little more, later.

Round time at 3 minutes seems like a nice fix. On most maps, after 1 minute most of the players are dead anyways. An extra minute may draw out the bomb maps a bit more, but...I'd rather have hostage maps playable, gives the CTs more time to plan and execute.

Freeze time is mostly annoying, only time it has saved me when I was AFK, clicked the wrong buy menu, etc.

Good news overall, glad to see the stats reflect all the fun that has been had on the server. Literally been years since I've played CS, and it shows :P

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The game needs to feel like a living, breathing world.

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Great fun had this night. Definitely do better with more people in the server. Is it because more human shields are readily available? This server is a hit Bran-thog. Keep it up, hopefully those minor glitches i.e. bomb ticks when CTs are dead, go away.

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Ill be on after work today as well. Hope to see the rest of the maps.

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Well that was fun playing some shiny new CS :)

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I had 54 hours last week, worked 13 hours alone on Friday. Hell I'd say I want more hours if I could!