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anyone else think it's sort of strange that a game announced at QuakeCon by Apogee of all studios is using Unreal 3 and not idTech? won't be surprised if doom 4 is on the Skyrim engine.

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The only thing it did not deliver on was the promise of the crystal method interview. Wow!  Yeah!

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This is without a doubt, the greatest video game blog post I have ever read.   

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I saw this game on the show floor and was blown away by how good it looked.  Well that is to say how good it looked "for a wii game".  I didn't play it so I didn't get to try the "no combat" combat.  This has me a little worried.  I HATED running from the ghosts in Silent Hill 4.   Still I like the fact that the game will "watch" you.  If nothing else Silent Hill games have always been about psychology so it'll be intereresting to see how all those metrics shape the game.

We shall see.
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I was THERE man!  I saw ol' Paul at Coachella and I saw the footage LIVE on the big screen.  I can't say it was "Hard Rock" Paul, but I did freak out a little and go!  Oh my god that's from teh Beatles Rock Band I bet.

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I was interested in this game, but I don't really play PC games any more (except the odd RTS here and there).  I would be a lot more likely to play this game on my 360.   Who knows if I'll ever get the chance.

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I love that Giant Bomb  seems to be the only enthusiast blog / podcast that keeps a torch burning for this game.  Ever since the trailer that came out at E3 (or was it GDC) I've been looking forward to this game.   If I can't get another Crimson Skies, I'll take this.  It looks fricken amazing!

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NOOOO JEFF!!! don't comment on this...let vinnie or ryan take the bullet...let's not have GERSTMAN-GATE 2008!!!  Can you get fired from your own website?  I hope not.  Still I have to thank Eidos for helping to create Giant Bomb!  Maybe someone at  VideoGaming247  will end up getting fired and start Giant Bomb UK.