Reliving (and ruining) my childhood

The Chrono Trigger endurance run inspired me to relive my childhood through the joys of emulation.So, I played through Chrono Trigger along with Ryan and Patrick.After that, I started on Shadowrun (SNES).Playing through your childhood favorites can have a side effect of realizing that those games weren't actually that great, but years of nostalgia can make a mediocre game amazing in your eyes.

Shadowrun has been one of my all time favorite games since I was a kid.And, luckily its still a good game, the nostalgia I had for it didn't ruin my experience.Sure, it's a little hard to figure out what to do during the middle sections of the game, but I enjoyed it.Now that it's over, what game should I play next?

Eathbound (Snes) - I actually started it before Shadowrun but stopped about 2-3 hours in.This is a game I remember renting from Blockbuster a few times but never ever finishing.That's a mistake I would like to fix.

Shadowrun (Genesis) - Another game I never finished as a kid.That's bad since I'm a pretty big Shadowrun fan and the genesis version is the closest to the original PnP RPG.

Secret of Mana (SNES) Another one of my all time favorite games.My brother, mother and I only ever played through this game once.We used the multi-tap in order to play together.The memory of the three of us playing a game like this together is one of my happiest childhood memories, we seriously had a great time together.

And I was able to find just about all of the classic RPGs from the SNES - Genesis era. So if you have any other great games that I should play, let me know.I intend on reliving my childhood and exposing the reality behind some of my favorite games of all time.Were they really that great, or are my memories of the game enhancing their quality?

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