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Baldur's Gate 2..

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Don't forget that KOTOR was also released today. First time DRM free?

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Yeah, this Lucasarts thing can be huge. I completely forgot about DOTT and Maniac Mansion. I'm excited for X-Wing/Tie Fighter.. but those early adventure games are just as important to me.

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I hope to god that Full Throttle comes out as well. With this publisher now a member of Gog.com, I don't see why it wouldn't be released eventually.

AND.. Grim Fandango?

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The X-Wing Tie Fighter games are some of the most important games of my childhood. The rest are just a bonus to me.

I did link the full publisher page however.

And, it looks like I'm not the first one to post this of course.

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Lucasarts now on Gog.com!

Holy shit everyone. The games I have been waiting for the most since I signed up on Gog.com are now for sale. We need some quicklooks of these games stat. Someone get @brad, quick.

It's really tough to hold back from buying every one of these games right now.

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I don't play games when I'm depressed. While I play games mostly to escape and get lost in a game, I can't do it if I have too much on my mind. Make me feel like I should be doing something about the problem thats affecting me rather than playing games.

When my girlfriend left me for a few weeks years ago, I didn't play any games at all during that time. I just was never in the mood to.

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Thank god the comments here aren't defending this shit.

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I guess this means that Sodom won't be coming to Ultra this year.

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