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The last season pass I paid for was Forza Horizon. Don't think I'll be making that mistake again.

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I have 2 kids. (8 and 4). I play games regularly after they go to bed 8-9pm. Depending on the night and whatever shows I want to watch with my wife, I usually play from 9pm to about Midnight. I find that I have plenty of time to play games and usually any game I'd like to.

I play all of my games no on my laptop which I put on a couch table so I can hang out in the living room with the wife while I play.

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I look forward to it ever coming to the PC.

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@spartica said:

I would start with 3. It'll help you get a better sense of the world and the quirky characters. 4 has been called an expansion pack of sorts to 3.

3 it is then.


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And, I own both Saints Row 3 and Saints Row 4 (thank you bundles and Steam Sales)

Should I jump right into 4 or would I be missing out on anything by not playing 3 first? I know there is an overarching storyline to a certain degree. All I know about the games are from the bombcast.

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I got her playing SimCity 4. Once I found a McDonald's Mod she was in love.

I have never seen a city with 10 Mcdonalds in a row before.

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I knew Giantbomb was the place to go with this question.

Thanks. And I do have Kerbal both my kids love that game.

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Apparently there are sheep in Minecraft, I never knew that. But she built pens for the sheep she found. So the animal care aspect could simply be a way to interact with them. It doesn't have to be a free range vet simulator.

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For years, I've ignored Minecraft and it's kind of games simply because I was no interested in it. More to the point, I didn't see the appeal for an open world game that has no story and basically never ends. Now that my 8 year old daughter started playing it on her iPod, I can see the appeal. Since she does have an interest in computer games (thank god) I would like to introduce her to something like it on my PC.

So, could you guys recommend to me a game like Minecraft's creative mode? She likes playing the game but not the survival aspect. And as a typical 8yr old girl, any game where she can take care of animals would be a plus.

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The Fall and Gunpoint.