The Big List (backlog + wishlist)

The purpose of this list is to organize the games that I already own and still have to finish plus any games that I don't own already and need to buy. While the backlog portion is an estimate of how I am going to systematically finish my games, there is no set order to buying new games. Since I will be getting a new computer within the month, these games are going to be for the PC and bought almost exclusively off of steam or another digital storefront. Also, with the new computer, there will be a desire to "see what the system can do" and get a flashy new release on day one; most likely the Witcher 2 or Deus Ex HR .

Note: As a backlog list, once I finish a game, it will be removed from this list. So, at least I can track my progress.

Note: As a wishlist, this list will never be complete. Also, considering how often I buy new games, it is very likely that it will take me a terribly long time to collect everything.

Note: no MMO's on this list. Since I can never "finish" those games, they are seen as a waste of time. But, oddly enough, strategy games such as Sim City or Civ are not.

12/27/12 Note: After blowing a little over $100 on steam games, I'm not going to buy any more games for a long time. The only exception would be either Skyrim or Dawn of War 2 Retribution if I can find them on a super sale. Updated Backlog to include purchased games and I cleaned up the wishlist.

UPDATE: This list is now horribly out of date. My real backlog is much bigger now and my wishlist is shorter. I'm not going to delete it tho.

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