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Stream just reached our $2000 goal, but we're still going until all games are done!

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Ragga is now streaming with a webcam on and has just covered himself in Christmas lights. He can only speak in Robin-esque exclamations for the next hour and must do so in a "Christian Bale Batman" voice for the next half hour. Also, the stream is upside down and a viewer has paid for a Skype call. There's a lot of fun to be had here, folks!

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noted, and if a mod wanted to move it I wouldn't object. Thanks for watching I'll see what I can do with quality.

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A League of Legends casual thread and stream for those of us who play games casually to music and enjoy a grand old time with our video games. Come one, come all.

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Well on our way to 3000 dollars and 2 complete 24 hour cycles. Come stop by!

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Step on up for that Zelda with ham hands.

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Come on down to Vidya Shorts for a very special dragon ball-themed challenge run of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Donate to help or harm the streamer’s progression through the marathon adventure. The more donations received, the more ridiculous the stream becomes. Donations are going to Child's Play.

-Stream was a success. Thanks for your participation!-



All donations are made in the name of enriching the holidays for children in need. Help Vidya Shorts give back!

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Now starting with my final stream. I've successfully killed every NPC thus far, and I'm starting this stream right before I rescue that one main character who I'd name if not for spoilers.

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Seems silly that this is where the market has lead. Why aren't we all just playing this game through the Starcraft 2 map editor?

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Looks like it picked a bad month for release, what with all the neat games commin' out soon.