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Wow, looks like everyone is going for stealth.  Hey Eidos, maybe you should have just made a stealth game!
I for one enjoy my options, and hope to adapt based on what seems realistic/safest/ethical.   Deus Ex isn't about seeing if you can get to the end without killing anybody, it's about making decisions that you can feel comfortable with given the situation.  Also, it's about finding the most bad ass way of getting from point A to point B.

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For me:  TOR, unless it turns out not to be so good.   In which case, GW2 is there to pick up the pieces.

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I don't know how committed you are to experience what each of these reputable games has to offer, but there isn't a Zelda fan out there that will tell you to avoid any of them.  (Except of course, the CDi Zelda games... but let's just pretend they never existed.)  Most people I've spoken to would recommend the big one to play is playing OoT.    
By the way, I've also committed to going back and playing the Zelda games.  In fact I've decided that I'm going to play through each and every one of them.
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Link's Awakening --->  Oracle of Seasons ---> Oracle of Ages --->  Now working on Minish Cap.   
I plan to complete each and every Zelda game known to man.   I'm a bit late, but I was raised on the PC and am only now making a conscious effort to play the console classics.  I'm admittedly a bit nervous about making the jump to 3D!

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I disagree with both of you.  The game has a lot to do with the quality of the stream, and part of what make Zelda games good stream material (imho as one streamer, of course) is the ability to interpret things in certain ways.  For one thing, there's no voice-over dialogue, which allows for some vocal creativity.  Also, there's room for speculation about the strange recurring characters and various implied events.  This kind of thing allows for putting a unique "stamp" on the game.  As far as puzzles go, some might find it fun to help think through a puzzle along with the streamer.  Some might not though.  In any case Joshwana makes a good point about the community also being a big factor.  At VidyaShorts, sometimes all that matters is that we all love video games and we're all pals.  
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One of three Zelda games developed by Capcom for the handheld, Minish Cap has seemingly earned its place as a favorite amongst Zelda fans.  Released for North America in 2005, the game received critical acclaim and success due to its "Gorgeous Wind Waker-inspired character design and art." ( , "Classic Zelda gameplay and flavor" (Gamespot) , and "Some of the highest quality tunes to ever come out of the GBA's little speakers." (Gamespy). 

Next stream will be Monday, August 8th at 2pm Eastern time.  Stream link will be posted here.

Six years later, how does the game hold up?  To be completely honest, I don't know!  You see, I've never played Minish Cap.  Furthermore I've been relatively unexposed to the Zelda franchise in general. (I've only played the previous handheld games: LA, OoS, and OoA.  I'm currently working my way through every Zelda game known to man).  That's where you come in.  I'm streaming a fresh play-through of the game, and I invite you to take part.  Sit back, relax, and enjoy the nostalgia; Laugh as I try to make sense of a talking hat; and cringe as I attempt to tackle MC's puzzles for the first time.   
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Good list.  I should play those of these that I haven't.

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Nice!  Congrats.

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Here's a bit more thought out of a source:
"The rest of Nintendo’s games are listed for specific platforms like the Nintendo DS and Wii — the company’s most popular consoles. The game doesn’t seem to be an online role-playing game like World of Warcraft, because those games are listed as games for the Macintosh and PC. Some online games like EVE Online are cross-linked as Macintosh, PC and online games. Flash games like Sorry! and Scrabble are listed as exclusively online games."
"Another hint about the game could come from its name: “Universe.” Nintendo could be creating an online experience similar to other games that crosses multiple platforms — such as the iPhone, the Nintendo DS and the company’s consoles. Skyward Sword could be at the heart of that experience, with other interactive elements like alternate reality games, flash games and mobile apps also feeding in. “Zelda Universe” is also the name of the main website that serves as a hub for all of Nintendo’s Zelda games."
also: The ESRB's listing for Zelda Universe dates as far back as 2008

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