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No clue, but I would like to see this now. (I think we just made some sort of meme.)

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The reason for the different reactions is because, when you watch/play something scarey you go in the mind set of "okay wheres the next jump scare?" When you see something creepy in a game not marketed as a "horror" you are in the mind set of something completely different thus you are caught off guard by something that really shouldn't make you go "dude, WHAT." but it dose because, it gets in head that the material  you are consuming is what it says on the box, but its not like the creators don't want to throw a curve ball where you are like "OH-MY-GOD!" and need to take a breather. This is all of course -> in my opinion.

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Actually, I have to say, I usually  don't have mainly female vocalists, so this is helping me a lot.

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Of course I DO FEEL BAD, but some people are like "I don't fucking care it's money!" but I'm totally like "Ah, that is not cool you douche." I feel like I always don't deserve the money I will get, also to any person that doesn't feel bad come on, a person is using money to bring joy.

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The universe tells me to tell you he loves all of us!

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This is fucking good, but some people say "I'm the best artist" and I'm not saying this to make my ego higher!
(My art sucks.)

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@JJWeatherman said:
I can't recall, but yeah, they're pretty good. Why have we still not seen JV's drawing? He won the bet! 

WOW, I never knew Vinny had a  5-star drawing "It looks great!"
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Maybe HE is Louis C.K from the past and with more hair also much sexier!

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Keep it for when you need it.