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#1 Posted by temmink (50 posts) -

Here are a couple I made today, had to load battlelog in IE because I couldn't edit emblems in Chrome atm.

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@ReaganStein said:

I think given the fear gauntlet and breaking bad this niche is sort of covered by content they already provide. We got to hear Brad's mental degradation, and the interns have had their fare share of genuine frights. The resident evil 2 playthrough, in particular towards the beginning, had them scared in a way that would ultimately be a similar payoff to your idea, just with far less wasted video time.

I'm only suggesting it as a format for these style of videos and I don't really get what you mean by 'wasted video time'. I'm not suggesting this as a whole new type of video, just a particular way to do the existing types of video.

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Hey all, I was kinda inspired by the Game of Death article and someone saying in the comments how great a 'Spook Look' style quicklook would be and an idea for a format came immediately to mind and I think it would be really entertaining and fun (more for the viewers probably :D ). Imagine if you will...

A single GB staffer playing a scary game alone in a dark room, the stream/video shows the game screen as well as a small webcam style shot of the staff member's face lit only by the light of the monitor (or IRNV for an even cooler effect) at the bottom of the screen. This way not only would we be able to watch along with the game we could enjoy the reactions to jump scares or the cries of anguish when the game crushes them (Dark Souls anyone?). Setting this up with the multicast stuff shouldn't be too difficult for console and could easily be reproduced with software on the PC.

What do people think?

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FPS could work if they really focus on the co-op aspect. Chances are they won't and it will be garbage, but there is a glimmer of hope there.

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I remember them showing the ability to have like a table with a view of a map for Killzone I think it was at the time so that you could get your clan mates around to your 'home' and plan tactics and stuff on the map itself. That seemed like a cool idea but I never saw any evidence of it again?

#6 Posted by temmink (50 posts) -

I'm glad to hear that, I was a big fan of the first game, played through it twice, once before they fixed it, once after. The Witcher 2 certainly seems ambitious, which I like. I think the biggest problem is that LA Noire gave an early glimpse of the next generation of character models and animation and its hard to go back to the current standard.

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So once again I am waiting to play the most talked about game of the week. I had preordered The Witcher 2 which dropped this week as well but after consuming all the LA Noire related content I could find I just couldn't handle the poorly controlled roboting puppet faces of The Witcher. I am deadly serious when I say that LA Noire has made it hard to take even cinematics in other games seriously hence my status warning: "Once your faces go MOCAP, you never go back." I think my brain is seriously broken, years had conditioned me to accept how faces looked and moved in games. A couple of weeks ago I was even impressed looking at the Witcher 2 stuff that was coming out. Now, that is all gone and I just about have to close my eyes to take dialog seriously and it really doesn't help that the voice acting is still so stilted and awkward. I think it will be something that is talked about later in LA Noire but the voice acting alone is a step above what any other game has brought to the table and when you combine that with the faces, its just on a whole other level. Of course, I haven't played LA Noire yet, as I am still waiting by the mailbox, so actually seeing it in person might break the spell a little. I guess we will find out, unfortunately for The Witcher 2, it has just gone on the Steam Shelf as I like to call it (like it seems to already be for most sites, but I guess that is related to the amount of promotional content they provided) and lets just say that there are a bunch of really solid games on that Shelf, and it will have to fight it's way off.

As a final aside, it really didn't help when The Witcher 2 was choppy and unpleasant to play on my PC. When it does find a way off the shelf hopefully I will have upgraded my GPUs (2x275GTX) which at the moment are a little aged, but still fairly capable. I honestly feel watching the quicklook, that I am getting worse performance than the GB team and they only have a 270? Maybe this game inversely scales with SLi, wouldn't be the first time. I didn't want whinging about needing a PC upgrade to become a theme, but I seem doomed to this end.

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Looking at this and the box are the dropping Colin McRea from the title? I can't see it there anywhere. It's an understandable decision if that is the case, obviously Colin McRea isn't recognizable to younger players, they probably think he is a developer like Sid Meier or some other weird tie in like Tom Clancy. The sad fact is that he has probably been dead longer than some people have been playing games by now...

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Why would they go console exclusive with this? Seems like a bad choice to me... I am disappoint.

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@Bananstativ: @kickinthehead: 
Well don't I look like an idiot. TBH I watched it on a tiny embedded stream so I guess I just went on the colour... Phew.
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