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I totally agree with everything you said about E3 except for Alan Wake, I was totally impressed by it.

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Hey Everyone! this E3 was great and my list of games to get just got really long

First off all 3 of the conferences were great. Sony's and Microsoft's conference was absolutly fantastic and as for nintendo, they did better than last year and they actually showed footage of their new games such as Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Metroid The Other M, but the conference was good but not amazing.

As mentioned above, my list of games to get is huge, with games such as Mass Effect 2, God of War 3, Assasins Creed 2, and Uncharted 2. I don't really feel like naming every game I want from what they showed at E3 but just know there is alot!

I enjoyed Gamespots Coverage of E3 as well as G4's coverage of it and I watched both for the entire time. So E3 was great to watch this year due to all the great games that will be coming out.

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Hey everyone! E3 is almost here!

As you probably know, the first of the E3 Press conferences start tomorrow and I can't wait to see whats going to be announced. I am not really looking forward to anything from Microsoft besides the PC games but I'm gonna watch it anyway. I hope the Sony conference is great and I hope the Nintendo conference is way better than last years conference. I will be on Gamespot this week for E3 and I will be watching some of G4's coverage on it as well.

I will post a blog more than likely after the last of the conferences, if I don't then I will be sure to make one after E3 has ended.

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I got Infamous the day it came out and its really good. The way the game feels reminds me of Sucker Punch's other game, Sly Cooper. Good Luck on the exams and I cant wait to watch the live conferences

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good luck on your exams! the game sounds familiar but it's not ringing a bell sorry

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Hey everyone!

Nothing new really happening, except for the fact that today at 10:30 I saw X-Men Origins Wolverine for the 2nd time. The first time I saw it was last saturday, and the movie ruled. I don't about all of you but I personally loved this movie, and it still rocked the 2nd time I saw it. For those of you who are not sure if you wanna see the movie, let me choose for you, go see it, its one of my favorite movies.

Also, I was thinking about getting Wolverine for my PSP, so I was wondering if I should get this game or should I pass on it?

In other news, I rented NBA 2K9 and it's pretty good, though it's kinda hard to get used to the controls since I haven't played a basketball video game in awhile.

Well, that's all for now

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congrats man! your sooo lucky!

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Hey everyone! time for another blog

ok first thing, the premiere of X-men Origins: Wolverine was about 30 min from my house and I wanted to go so bad but i was busy doing school stuff. I am just happy that something interesting finally happened to my area here in arizona.

second thing is this weekend I am hopefully gonna see Wolverine on opening night and then I have a party on sunday so that should be fun.

and other than that nothing else has really happened. so this blog was basically just to say that I'm not dead or anything. also I am trying to get a PS2 so wish me luck as i try to get one.

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Hamz- yeah I know but theres tons of other reasons why I'm switching schools, and one of those reasons is I dont have much of a choice so theres not much I can do.

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Hey everyone! again nothing exciting happening.

The best thing that happened this week ( and probably one of the coolest things ever) was something that happened today. I got to talk the girl i like today and whew it was great, best 15 minutes I've had in a long time. Also i have found myself not playing many games lately, though I might rent Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena and I might also buy a PS2 but I'm trying to get a car so it's kinda hard to get a new game.

Well...thats it. Nothing cool happening, my school is really pissing me off and I am thinking of switching schools. The girl i like told me her school is really good and worth checking out so I think I might do that. well thats all for now!