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I'm having a problem too today. I live like 5-6 hours away from their office in San Fran, and I have FIOS. It's always been fine, until just today. It started with the Summerslam video, and now it's happening to UPF. o.o; I hope it stabilizes/fixes itself soon, because youtube is fine, it's just this site. *shrug*

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@BattleShinobi:  Yeah, I'm playing through DQ9 also. It's on the back burner, but I'm almost done with the game anyways. xD;
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In celebration of EO3, (and because I feel like it and never have before) I'm going to play through the previous two Etrian Odyssey games. I'm aware that I cannot carry over my data from EO2 to EO3, but that is fine, because I have already come up with a plot point to explain such a thing. I just find it fascinating that I am able to create my own story from the bare bone plot of the Etrian Odyssey games.
I don't know about anyone else, but it's so much fun for me. I wonder how long of a story I can make off of the first etrian odyssey game? I'm hoping to do 1 chapter per floor. And with 30 floors... that's a decent amount of chapters, but that depends how long each chapter is going to be. I know for a fact that they're going to be longer as I go down the labyrinth, so the first few chapters won't be as long. 
The next EO blog I post will hopefully be the start of the epic journey of Clan Succubus. I've already started to write it out as I play the game (as I'm typing this at this very moment.)

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Well. I have to say I'm getting rather curious about a few things. Some of the puzzles were rather difficult for me, though. But I managed to pull through soon enough.
One of the cut scenes in the casino was fun to watch. I wonder if something like that can actually be built in real life? It'd be fun to see. Maybe it's something to throw at the Mythbusters. xD
I think I've gotten over the time travel hurt, though. I'm more interested in the mysteries at this point.

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I don't really mind this patch. I use Zerg as a main and Terran as a sub, but eh. I can see why the title is the way it is, because of the Tank nerf. (Dang...cutting the damage by half. Eesh.)
Bliz needs to learn to not cave to whiny users. "WAH I HATE TANKS" ....>.> Tanks were fine, IMO.
But oh well. We'll see what happens. Sometimes stuff gets un-nerfed, sometimes not.
Edit: @Soapy86 - Because they like Starcraft? *shrug* It was said time and time again that GB only covers games that they like/find interesting. I don't think you'll find any coverage about crappy games here. ...Though I still have to sift through the database and find out. =P So I might be putting a foot in my mouth. xD
Edit 2: I also caught a glimpse of the subtext to the video game news. "
Video Game News, Stories and Updates" *Points to Updates* 8D

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.....Are you kidding me?
I suppose I spoke too soon when I said that time traveling worked in Professor Layton. ...Now it seems I have to retract that statement henceforth. 
I'd mention the plot of it, but it'd probably spoil for people who haven't played yet.  So I'll just mark it.

This is why time travel doesn't work. Especially if it involves yourself in the future or anything involving you. Your mere presence may very well negate the whole thing. Oi...my brain. It hurts.
Anyway. That's another blog up. I'll probably be updating as I go through every chapter. (I just started chapter 2.)