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Is ia an old one with backward compatibility, or do you have a ps2, and what type of games you like like name some and i''ll find some great ones.

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Not a wiki task, but dont really know where to put this, pass up to whiskey they should make polls edit, and deletable

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@GreggD said:
" @AjayRaz said:
They're not metalcore. They're just punk. The last vestige of good punk rock. "
did you read what I posted Non- Metalcore bands like by Metalcore fans
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What non-metalcore bands are your favorites:

mine would have to be Minus the Bear, Incubus, Tenacious D, Protest the Hero, Cake, Bloodhound Gang, and every now and then falloutboy.

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@Disengage said:

" HORSE the band > all. Fact. "

I likes nintendocore to, just not that much out there i love htb but there songs could use more nintedoness.
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I am not big into cowboys and stuff, but the original red dead was alot of fun

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What is Your favorite Final Fantasy Like  game that isn't a Final Fantasy.
Mine would be 
Dragon Quest 8 
They should make a game for the ps3. I really liked the alchemy pot concept reminds me of Castlevania COD.

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@fearbefore said:
" All-time favorite would be Poison the Well, specifically "The Opposite of December."   Defined this generation's post-hardcore.  I would throw Every Time I Die and Fear Before the March of Flames in as all time favorites.  Currently really enjoying Between the Buried and Me's "The Great Misdirect."  "
Every Time I Die is a really good band.

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What is your favorite metalcore/ post-hardcore band?
Mine would have to be After the Burial,  Number 12 Looks Like You, and Fall of Troy.