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I have been playing video games since I was one year old. It started out with my cousins passing me the controller on occasion and scaled up into getting my own NES when I was two. When I was this young, I had a lot of problems with epilepsy, but my doctor recommended I play video games to get my mind used to bright colors, flashing screens, and basic puzzle concepts. To be honest, I don't think I'd be the person I am today without video games.

I went from the NES to the Playstation, so I completely missed an entire generation of games. I would play the infrequent games of Sonic or Vectorman at a friends house, but never had a Genesis or SNES to call my own. I've had every major system released since then, excluding the Gamecube. I currently own all the next-gen (current gen?) systems available, but have a terrible PC. I'm lucky I can get Audiosurf to run on it. I'm part of the G.A.P. community in the Playstation Underground, and I've got accounts on PSN and XBL.

When it comes to things that are non-gaming related, I'm a pretty average guy. I'm going to school for an English degree, perhaps journalism, and I work part time at Target. My interests are fairly varied. When it comes to humor, I prefer mine black or dry (Death to Smoochy and Monty Python come to mind). I concede that I'm not very well read, but I do enjoy reading. I stay away from fantasy stuff and franchise novels, but if you've got suggestions I'm willing to take them. I haven't seen too many movies either, so feel free to give me a few hints there as well. Thanks for reading, now go back to editing!