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So uuuuh anyone remember drinking that potion for a couple of scientist dudes in Flotsam in W2, the ones that ask you to keep a diary?

I just discovered their notes in the disbanded university, and it's um interesting what they are trying to do, hmmmm. Really interesting, here's hoping they succeed :P

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I know the place you mean, have the same undiscovered marker there I can't get to, sadly no idea where an underground entrance is even if there is one.

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Just fought a lvl 26 katakan for a bounty in a tiny space (Oxenfurd Drunk contract) ... at lvl 12. Holy shit that fight was exhilarating when I finally beat him!

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Question does anyone know if the beard will grow back if you do a shave at a barber.

Because the overgrown beard is a bit too much for my tastes, but the "full and clean cut" shave is not enough beard, while I really liked the middle growth stage after getting shaved for the emperor.

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@shadowconqueror: I don't lock on at all ever. Has been working out perfectly. It's really unnecessary imo

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If you want to have some fun with enemy archers.

Invest 3 points into arrow deflection and the reflected arrows do double dmg, with the high damage arrows already do on the high difficulty the enemy archers literally one shot themselves with their own arrow, if you time the reflect properly ofc.

(they can also shoot their own teammates in the back and kill them if you position the enemy melee between you and the archers)

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The initial group fights can definitely be tough at the early levels on higher difficulties.

But I found myself having less trouble with it as the game goes along. A - you get more used to the combat flow and what you can dodge vs. roll vs. parry. B - you get more tools to handle groups too, various bombs for aoe, improved Aard, Axii and/or Quen signs, powerful mutagen decoctions.

Drowners are especially deadly early on as they do a ton of damage and thus are super dangerous in packs.

@pilgore: I wouldn't really use Yrden on packs myself, the slowdown in early levels is not that significant. A couple blocked attacks mid combo from Quen go a long way. And Igni just wrecks wolves completely, they can be nearly one shot with it on BaBB difficulty and will be if ignite triggers.

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Where can I find silver? I'm one silver ingot short from being able to craft the silver viper sword

There is a lot of loot all over the game so it's hard to point to a specific location. But in general try to dismantle any other silver swords you find (your currently equipped one should give you an ingot or ore too) as well as the "pure silver" items that go into your junk tab can be dismantled for silver, sometimes silverware can also be dismantled into silver ore/ignot

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Man the narrative, the quests, the voice work, the animations, the choices - everything story focused in this game is just fantastic!

I keep getting impressed time and time again.

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Oh by the way there are respec potions you can buy, they do cost a bit tho.