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Man I am definitely looking forward to seeing how well they realize the car stuff (combat/traversal/openworld). Rage had neat Mad Max / Deathrace style cars but failed to really do anything with them.

Also it's prolly just me but it's a bit weird seeing the iconic Mad Max leather armor in a game of the actual thing that originated it, after seeing it for so long in the Fallout games that borrowed quite a few of their inspirations from that style of a post-apoc setting (mixed in with 50s sci-fi)

Loving how it all looks so far, pretty awesome.

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Having watched the first 3 MGS series playthroughs I don't understand why anyone likes any of those games in the first place, they seem terrible on every level gameplay and story wise; with the exception of graphical prowess for their time. /shrug

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As long as their credit card billing service is one of the smart ones.

I've had trouble in the past with billing systems that are too simplistic, that only do a surface comparison of your CC's bank country and billing/service country and instantly reject the card without actually even making the bank request for payment. Origin does that, PSN, some smaller companies that had to outsource their billing, it's just so stuck behind the times and an incredible hassle. The GB billing system was thankfully not one of those, so hopefully this new outsourced one won't be either.

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@seikenfreak: Well off the top of my head I wouldn't make an arrow formation with the front line, if they are just in a line the wrapping around and meshing should happen less in theory. For cone attacks like Fan of Flames you don't really need to get all of the enemy for it to be effective, even hitting 2-3 dudes is enough as it is very high damage, it's already gonna be doing a ton of damage to more then 1 enemy. Getting perfect AoE cone effects is gonna be difficult there is no way around it, tho it should be easier with a straight circle aoe like fireball.

Honestly I don't even use my wizard for direct aoe damage like that often, only form time to time. More often i find myself casting stuff like Combusting Wounds (foe only) followed by the basic wizard ability - Arcane Assault, Priest using Interdiction at the start then casting say Iconic Projection. The effect is enemies are debuffed, my initial damage is healed, enemies have taken a ton of AoE dmg (combusting wounds + iconic projection + 2x AA is frequently enough to clear up a ton of basic enemies) and will continue to take extra dmg. It's been my staple for a while now.

Ranger companion is not a self sufficient fighter for sure, its an extra body and it significantly buffs the rangers attacks when they are attacking the same thing, outside of that what they are good for is you can get some extra abilities for them like pin, essentially a knockdown.

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@seikenfreak: The bestiary xp is pretty minor, most of your xp in this game comes from just doing quests. You are a bit low for the druids for someone new to the combat systems, just bumming around defiance bay and clearing that place out should easily get your party to lvl 7, which will make things significantly easier. No previous enemies don't refresh monsters, tho some new monsters may appear in relation to specific quests.

Wizards require some care to use for sure, but that's because a lot of their effects can be battle swinging. You don't "control" the enemy in this game so much, try to get away from this mindset. The main "tanking" mechanic there is is engagement, and fighters can get an extra feat that gives them an extra engagement slot, every one can get one more from default perks too. Enemies really really don't like breaking the engagements that someone has against them, unless they have disengage abilities. So the main way you can control encounters in this game is positioning, using narrow spaces or doorways to funnel enemies, sticking your designated "tank" in front of the party so he gets the engages on enemies coming in etc.

For wizard spells, again it's funnily enough a lot about positioning. Lets say, in a rough example, you have your front line mushing faces with their front line; you want to cast Fan of Flames a very devastating dmg wise aoe spell, if your mage is behind the party he will hit the target; but you can move him to the side of the fight and angle the cone in such way that its side goes perpendicular to the fight and the rest into the enemy, thus you can hit most of them, but not your own dudes. Yes for some of their spells mages need to get a bit close up. If you want the spells top come out faster on your wizard give him lighter armor and don't have him auto attacking for the part where you want his spells, otherwise you have to wait for attack cool down and the recovery from armor too and then the spell cast itself. You can cast AoE spells as the enemy is being pulled to party, it a good tactic in fact, you just have to approximately see where the enemy is going to be coming in and use the bigger aoe spells that will cover their area of approach for sure, or directional spells like say rolling flame for example.

Even wizards have a selection of foe only spells, tho they tend to come at later levels more then early on, you can always use those more, i like stuff like say combusting wounds, that sets up for other party's aoe effects and wizard's own blast ability. Finally I don't know if you are aware or not but just in case: for spells that are not explicitly foe aoe, the yellow area of the spell cast will not affect your allies, this yellow area comes from your INT bonus of the wizard, so stacking int on him will make the overall aoe bigger while not making it bigger vs your dudes, making those aoe spells much more flexible, as it becomes possible just to cast fireball right in the fight as long as your own dudes are in the yellow zone.

Priests are more of a buffer/debuffer type caster compared to wizards, and a lot of their spells are foe only or ally only in the first place. That's honestly what they are best at and what they should be focused on more. Many of their spells are also situational, like healing or removing of debuffs, so you definitely don't need to remember most of them at all times, they are just options to be aware of, only some will see regular use.

If you want to be less concerned with friendly fire of wizards, then later on there are druid and cypher NPC companions, or you can just make custom ones yourself. Their selection of spells/abilities tend to have more foe only effects compared to wizards that would make you life easier as well.

PS: If you want to practice combat but have not explored it yet, the place beneath your stronghold is a way to go.

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@cagliostro88 said:

Apparently there is a patch set to go live in the next days fixing most of the issues, even retroactively. Here you can read the patch notes

There's an 800mb patch out now. Dunno if that's the one you're referring to or not.

Yep that patch has just rolled in and a lot of stuff has been fixed. Passives, stacks etc

Had to enable/disable Reckless Assault a few times and with reloads, but even that eventually got fixed by the patch, even tho the non-modal version was stacked several times on me. They fixed Pallegina's resists. Most unique items got new icons to set them apart from regular gear. Also all courtesans in the salty mast are now a 100g each only per session (not that it mattered if you had the stats to get your money back)

There's a lot of good fixes overall as well as some warranted tuning of spells/items.

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@loafsmooch: Yep I'm in very much the same boat. Was pleasantly surprised how easily I got sucked into the lore of the setting. Pretty much starting right in the character creation too.

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@honkalot: I had that same issue for a bit, it seemed to go away by itself at some point /shrug

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@dimi3je said:

Has anyone had trouble with King Raerdric? He and his posy just destroy me, I'm playing on normal.

He can be tough or easy depending on your party composition. I definitely don't recommend taking him on at lvl 3 with 3 dudes if you're new for example. I did that fight after getting a 4th follower, making 1 extra one in the inn to bring it to 5 and around lvl 4, and it was a totally manageable fight, with mage, cleric and, barb aoe clearing the bulk of his flunkies, while my plate armored tower shielded warrior with DR belt and buffs just took his blows.