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Dissapointed. A lot.

I am starting to wander where all the praise is coming from. Granted I am not too far in, only 7 or so hours. But right now mechanics wise this game feels like a more neutered version of DA2 even. Badly done tactical view that barely zooms out with terrible m&k controlls. Removal of a proper party tactical AI that you can customize, instead it's the baby's sucking it's thumb version of the previous 2 games systems. Talent trees have even less cross interactivity and combos. You can't even assign stat points on level up. This game is even more console focused then DA2 was. And who thought that having to hold down a button at all times in order to auto attack was a good idea?

What the actual fuck.

Edit: No, ok that's not right. I'm not dissapointed, that's a wrong descriptor, I still feel like the story and characters have potential and plus i've barely scratched the surface on them. Just disgusted I guess, with a pretty major (for me) part of it.

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@dagas: Woa there buddy take it easy!

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Reviews before the release of DA2 were mostly positive too, just sayin. There were a ton of preorders, then the game came out review averages dropped, as did sales. There was that one trustworthy magazine that gave it an amazing score and had it on the cover too. :P

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The Great North Road. By Peter F. Hamilton.

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Is the poll broken or is DA really at 100%? Seems statistically unlikely.

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Shadowrun Returns: Dragonfall - if you like cyberpunk and/or RPGs you should be out there playing it right now, this is my favorite rpg campaign of the year so far period, a much welcome improvement over the main game.

Endless Legend - disappointed with Civ:Beyond Earth? want to dig into a turn based one more turn style strategy game? go play this, now, GO fucknugget, what are you waiting for. Seriously best 4x (turn based Civilization like game for the layman) since Civ 5. It's got more interesting shit going on and is better polished then any other 4x game i've played in the last couple of years, and i've played a few. No bullshit, straight up.

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Actually I would not say it's great at all. Passable at best.

It makes a great initial impression to an RPG nerd like myself that's for sure. Especially with that first town. But as the game goes on, the initial complexity is never built upon, the quests become less engaging, character progression grinds to a halt of a desert, and the story quickly becomes generic and boring, it basically gets worse as the game goes on, in the end I just did not care. Combat wise I was repeating the same tactics over and over, not getting any significant new skills for more then half the game, rolling over everything, the elemental interactions are cool at first but you repeat so many combat encounters it all just gets boiled down to a few set of combos you do over rand over. Normally a good rpg will ramp things up as it goes along both in terms of story and combat, Divinity:OS doesn't. The dialogue since you asked is pedestrian in general.

Frankly i could not bring myself to finish it, i was in what was the last town about 3/4 or more done with the game and just eventually lost all will to keep going, as neither the story nor the combat was interesting anymore.

That's just imo. /shrug

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Hmm well, this has at least interested me enough to go give it a shot.

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More cards - yes please.

Even more rng - sigh...

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Eh, I am one of those people that mainly plays SC for the campaign. So the changes on the mp side of things don't really interest me. (I've tried the MP for a while when WoL came out, even participated in the GBEU tournament once, but it wasn't my thing in the long run). And even more focus on micro would have pushed me away even more, if i was in any way interested, so hopefully it's what those who are want.

But I got pretty hyped after the end of that trailer. Not as excited as during the first SC2 reveal obviously (when i was running around my room screaming like a girl for several minutes) but still. Also really like that the iconic carriers are getting some love.