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Anytime I make a post there seems to be about a minute or five(?) delay before seeing them either on the forums or on the comments. Same things to seeing posts of others. It's especially strange when you look at a topic that has the last post from a year ago yet is seen on the forum as it has just been posted in. At first i thought it was posts not going through.

This only recently started happening.

Is this a deliberate thing? Is it only on my end? Is it a technical problem? Or a technical aid for new moderation?

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Hmmm I wonder who will be doing the live QL?

Edit: eeeh ummm it's the SF office, this is going to be interesting, their first comparisons were Diablo ....

Phew, fear unfounded, Brad totally redeemed himself at the start of the QL!

Edit2: Brad + Rorie totally killed it, well done!

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Heh just had a hilarious moment where you fight a boss and 3 minibosses at the same time, one of the minibosses leaves lava when he dies, which is instadeath, que teleports. Mmmm BBQ. I felt deliciously cheap.

Goddamn there are so many fun strategies to abuse in this game.

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@igniz12: The movement speed depends on the character you are controlling, the rest of the party keeps up. So controlling like a slow fighter will take their time and make everyone else drag their feet too, but control say a rogue with +speed +movement items and you'll be booking. Casting haste spells can boost you even more, say i portal somewhere, start moving with my rogue, while my mage starts casting haste, then you're running like Flash across the countryside.

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I think right now my only significant gripe with the game is the UI as @seppli has mentioned as well.

They really need to fix the resetting shit like item shortcuts, make your UI positionings stick, maybe add ability to expand inventory, trade comparisons fixed, a lot of big and little stuff with the UI essentially. It's quite a bit of a hassle.

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Eeeeeh, having read the article, it's not even remotely an AI, just a very complex and advanced expert system basically.

It has to be "taught" (ie fed data and molded by hand) and then only performs a very specific (albeit complex) task and that's about it. It's not self aware, it's not even really self educating.

What is however impressive is that they developed something that can supposedly easily understand speech (hopefully better the kinect). Without a lot of hard coded routines.

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16 hours played and I haven't even gone outside the first town yet. An entire log full of quests. That you actually have to figure out! This is MAH JAM. I haven't played an old school wRPG like this in ages, goddamn, this is the equivalent of snorting cocaine for me! AAAAAAHG.

Also having two main characters opens up a lot of fun options, for example you get a quest to assassinate an orc in the first town. Normally, you can either do the deed or narc him out, completing either objective voids the other and finishes the quest. So after getting both amulets I had one of my characters stay in the barracks, the other with the elf, both initiate their respective dialogues at the same time, the dude in the barracks hands over the evidence to arrest the elf, while my chick talking to the elf hands him the other amulet getting his reward simultaneously, got the good reputation reward, both xp rewards, and the loot too. FUCKIN A.

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Just started playing, already loving the shit out of it so far.

My rogue walks into the first warehouse: "Oh boy!"

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@wrighteous86: It's a complete story. Just not a very good one.

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Nah, I disliked almost everything about it. Even (or maybe because of) as someone with a brother who I'm very close with. I lasted only up until the town when I just couldn't stand it anymore.