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@ll_exile_ll: If by attempt the raid you mean lvl 24, yeah good luck with that. But for a sane effort at it it will take far better gear and hence more grind.

No, I meant 26. You can buy legendary armor via crucible play, two pieces will get you to 26 after you upgrade them and that would cost 130 crucible marks (between 44 and 65 games of MP) which would be around 10 hours at an average of 10 minutes per game.

And to upgrade your purples you need 6 ascendant shards for each final tier, thats 3 upgrades x2, 36 ascendant shards total. I have been playing for a week for hours a day, i got 6 shards total so far.

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@ll_exile_ll: If by attempt the raid you mean lvl 24, yeah good luck with that. But for a sane effort at it it will take far better gear and hence more grind.

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@borklund: You're already on my friends list. Having watched the first boss fight I really don't think you can afford to have anyone under 26 in your group as damage dealing and tankiness matters a great deal, and for each level under 26 you will be doing less and taking more, and there are a lot of strict timers on things needing to get killed as well as fire headed your way while you try to dodge it.

If you are up for it, i've started grinding the Nexus pre boss spawn yesterday and had some good luck with drops in terms of numbers at least, if not decryptions. It seems like the most efficient way to farm drops atm.

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@ll_exile_ll: I have two pieces of legendary armor, still level 25

And yeah a lot of people have no desire to play the PvP in destiny, it's not the draw it is in BF or CoD for me, in fact im pretty sure i hate it more then the PvE grind. Also asking your payers grind pvp in order to gear up for pve content is not a good design choice.

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Well im up for it, but only lvl 25 atm, rng kinda halted my gear grind for a while now.

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@tennmuerti: I don't mean his gift. I mean from the engrams you bring him. I assume the higher his level, the higher chance that a purple will stay purple and not turn out to be a blue or a currency.

Well like I said i am at 5 rep with them and got nothing out of 3 purple engrams today, so so far it doesn't seem to matter.

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@sterling: He gives you the exact same reward you get at 4, a mail package with a chance at a purple engram that in turn has only a chance to give a purple item, I am at 5 and a half rep with the decryptors now. They are still screwing me over, i decrypted 3 purple engrams today, didn't get shit.

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I'm level 22 or 23 and I still have not found any legendary weapons. Or anything for that matter. I can't even damage those guards.

Don't worry, you'll get a legendary drop eventually and when you identify it it will turn into strange coins, a blue or a piece of gear for another class. This game is a dick like that...

Oh no I've gotten the purple drops to be decrypted. And that is exactly what happens ever time. Well, all four times. All four times out of 100+ that I've hunted to try and get something.

I understand getting legendaries for other classes but purple into blue? Purple into materials? Who the fuck designed this bullshit?

Someone who thinks this is what it means to be Legen... wait for it... dary.

I've had 6 or 7 purple engrams so far, 2 from decryptors rep, 2/3 as random drop doing strikes for a week, 2 farming Nexus for a couple of hours (got lucky the others got none), and only one of them produced a purple item, one of them gave me blue lvl 16 shoulders ... WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK

It's stupid beyond belief that when you get a purple drop you have only a small chance to even get something useful out of it , I've been stuck at lvl 25 forever now, and there's nothing i can do about it (except grind pvp) as even my weekly vanguard coins are maxed. Nice.

Meanwhile I just saw a hunter in the tower with an orange sniper rifle and no rep gear at all.

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(this post is in relation to the MMO grind comparisons)

Unfortunately unlike in a real MMO, Destiny has too little content, making grinding much more of an issue. As the grind you are forced into doing is even more repetitive then that of an MMO. For rewards that are of lesser overall impact/utility on the rest of the game therefore not as worthwhile. Combine that with a much weaker social aspect and suddenly the grind in Destiny is much more of an issue then it is in your average MMO.

(another good point was made above me is that you can tune out and autopilot the grind in an MMO, unlike in Destiny in which you have to concentrate on aiming constantly)

To get 1 guaranteed purple weapon you literally have to grind for more then a week, doing 150/5, 30 strikes at best (the ones you had to grind to in the first place) of doing the samey fairly monotonous strikes over and over and they take time. A pre WoW era MMO player might shrug at that, but today even that is a bit much for most, especially when there are less proper MMO hooks to keep you interested in said gear. The carrot is not shiny enough and the treadmill not smooth enough, imo.

The rep by the way is not so bad, you can get rank 3 quite fast by doing bounties, i was rank 3 vanguard on the fourth day playing, the problem are the marks.

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You really need to be at, or better yet above, it's level to do the mission. If you've tried the weekly heroic strike at anything below 22 this is very apparent as almost everything one shots you and you don't do squat for damage if you re not at it's level. I'm level 25 atm as well, but have no intention of touching the nightfall stuff until I'm geared (if i have the patience to keep up the gear grind that is).