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I just had an electric fist bruiser get the red hit prompt after I jumped over him to hit another regular guy, do a snap 90 degree turn 5 meters away from me , and punch air not even in my direction but somewhere off to the right and hit/shock me in like a split second while skipping through animations.

And i lost count of how many times I've seen the cape stun go through a secondary target and do nothing instead of stunning and interrupting their attack. Other times it will barely touch them and still stun so you counter and whiff. Getting hit and dropping combos in a Batman combat system through no fault of your own? Fuck that. It's only a good system, as long as it's following it's own rules to a T, that polish in the first 2 games is a huge part of what makes it all work. This is why City is still the best that style of combat has ever been.

Still I am liking the story much more then City I have to admit. And with the motion blur properly turned off in the PC version now it's looking a lot better too.

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Went and completely removed all motion blur after the patch, holy shit it's a world of difference both just about and about and in combat, loving it.

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My initial reservation regarding the PC version getting removed from Steam sales was that this likely indicated that patches were not coming any time soon. Good to see they are applying them in stages for those already playing.

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Yea the combat is straight up Origins levels busted.

So far I have experienced multiple cases of: attacks coming off screen where you couldn't see them, enemies canceling their counterable attacks mid swing, standard ground takedown completely breaks combos, hits still coming through even after you counter, batman simply refusing to jump to the next target if its sorta far away for the next hit instead of tracking to it like normal breaking your chain, enemies or you getting pushed onto elevated geometry (stairs/helicopter) and breaking combat, cape stunned enemies recovering while you only do 1 counter (for heavies this means when you try to continue the beatdown your combo is instantly broken if they are not stunned), certain combo takedowns not activating from time to time despite having meter. Probably still forgetting some. And just generally the dodges and counters not registering properly or registering too late to matter.

This is all fine if you are just slogging through combat and don't mind getting hit, but going for the perfect free flow results all of these little things become super frustrating because any 1 thing not properly registering and you break your combo.

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Beside the top 4 they should really include a decent graphical options menu.

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So I just reinstalled Arkham City, to compare and contrast. Man the combat feels so much snappier and more responsive and on the ball compared to Arkham Knight. Even when I remove the 30 fps limit, and the combat in AK is flowing at 60 in a tight space it's just not as clean as the combat in City.

Come to think of it, the clunky way combat handles in AK feels a lot closer to Origins :/ I don't know if it's just because of the bad port job or because the additions they made overburden the base combat system, but the difference between City and Knight is very tangible when played side by side. At least for me the difference was instantly felt.

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Aside from all the technical issues people are having. I am finding that this PC port looks like ass.

Motion blur, post processing, depth of field, fucking film grain!

All these meaningless doodad effects developers insist on saddling their games with. And the are no options to turn them off! (motion blur will crash your shit if you try doing it through ini, and disabling DoF screws with batman vision)

Arckham City literally looked better.

Just insane.

I dunno man if the effects aren't your thing that's fine but let's not be crazy.

Absolutely. I just reinstalled Arkham City for the hell of it, cranked up everything to the max, disabled motion blur, and aside from the base polygon count, City looks quite a bit better to me. Good textures, MSAA, no overuse of post processing effects washing everything out, 60fps, all of it goes a long way.

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I'm at 50% total completion atm (on PC).

The batmobile stuff actually appeals to me more and more especially as the challenges keep escalating. Driving it at 30 fps is still pleasant enough, so if it were 60fps while driving i'd probably be doing back flips at how much I love it.

They fucked up the M&K controls. Where before I could always state with confidence that the Arkham games controlled really well with m&k just as well as with a controller if not better for certain things. Now this is clearly a controller first game. I couldn't pin it down initially but as I started trying to do more no-hit/full-combo fights for funzies with tougher varied enemies the change became apparent very fast.

Before your moves/hits tracked to where the camera was pointing; now the hits magnetize to the direction of movement you are pushing at or nearest enemy by default (just as it does when using a controller. This is super significant to someone who 100% Arkham games several times over and went even beyond that a bit, because the mouse controls as they were basically meant that i could control the flow of combat, where batman would go next with A - pinpoint accuracy B - blindingly fast switching targets. This made a world of difference when all staring challenge rooms or going for high scores above the requirements. Now to control where batman will go next in a fight I have to use the WASD keys, which needless to say is clunky. I'm too far into the game to change now, but next time around after the patch it and stuff will be definitely using a controller.

Also this is kind of a super niche problem as I realise most people just used the controller in the previous games, I was a crazy outlier, so most people wont care about this issue.

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Dude, fuck YES!

Bring on Bulletstrorm 2, my body is ready.

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I'm going back and forth on going back to the locked 30 or staying with the unlocked 60fps. I have a 980m and with all the nvidia game works stuff off the game is normally rock solid 60 when you are just playing as batman, however as soon as I start using the batmobile the frame rate takes a nosedive into the 40s region and the fluctuations become quite noticeable. While at 30 it would be stable. Definitely see why they went with a default 30fps lock on PC since the lack of proper optimization is glaringly obvious in sections.