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When Ryan Davis passed away, I remembered one of the funniest bits of the Bombcast, where he actually went and purchased the www.batmanbatmanbatman.com domain while everyone was talking about Arkham City. In honor of Ryan, I made batmanbatmanbatman.com my homepage, but recently its been down. It never seems to reload and the error message is always the same. "Oops! Google Chrome could not find www.batmanbatmanbatman.com". I was wondering if the site is really gone or if its just downtime for some reason. Any and all news or thoughts are welcome.

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Oh my god... This was too soon. Condolences to his wife and the entire Giant Bomb crew.

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I took a shot at replaying Mass Effect 1 this weekend wanting to redo that same great story I first had and that influenced all the following games, but I ran into an issue that got me wondering. How can I recreate that experience I had back in 2007 when I don't remember any of the dialogue choices I made?

Games with lots of player choice certainly have great attributes like choosing how your character interacts with others and drives the plot, but that interaction also seems to reveal a potential long-term weakness of these choice-heavy games in my opinion. I'm not talking about plot-centric choices since those are easier to redo the same way every time. I'm talking about the little interactions between characters. For example, Shepard and Anderson talk about Saren near the beginning of Mass Effect 1. I remember Shepard responding to Anderson with something like "The Geth would have wiped out the entire colony if I hadn't been there", but when that dialogue came up again yesterday, I chose an option and he said "The Council can kiss my ass...". Those responses create two very different impressions of Shepard, albeit subtle. It might be like if you watched Star Wars after 7 years and instead of Luke asking Obi-Wan "How did my father die?", he said "Cut the crap and tell me who killed him". It advances the story, but not in the same way you remember and creates a different impression of the character.

Does anyone see this as a potential pitfall for these games in the future? Those who might want to recreate that experience they had at first probably can't if they don't remember the exact dialogue choices they made. If there is no way to record or remember the choices you made in the dialogues, and people want to go back and have that same experience, then are all those experiences lost forever?

What do you think?

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Looks like I'd better find a copy of the Metroid Prime Trilogy collection on the Wii.

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Can't wait for this. 
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If they do a whole new side story in the anime without too many of the main characters, then I can get behind this. If it has Sheperd in it, dead on arrival. 

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Resistance 3 looks more like it will be Left 4 Resistance. Yawn. 

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I started this thread for people who are fans of Dio's  work and anyone who wants to remember one of the best singers in heavy metal.  
 If you want to post some of your favorite songs with Dio in it, that's cool too. :) 
I'll start: 
Holy Diver (Dio)
Die Young  (Black Sabbath) 
Kill the King (Rainbow) 
R.I.P Dio.  
\m/ (>_<) \m/

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Nightwish. Before they got the new singer. 

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