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Nope, glad I purchased the system and thoroughly enjoying the game.

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@joshwent said:

My one hope for 2014 is that we all find ways to be less divisive, but it clearly hasn't taken root yet. We need to get past this erroneous "indies are always the heroes vs those huge stifling corporate devs" mentality.

There's plenty of personal risk for independent developers, but the risk is personal--their livelihood.

I'm not doubting this is true, but you have to accept that it remains true no matter how big the dev is. One failed indie game could mean 4 people loosing their livelihood. One failed AAA game means potentially 100s of people's livelihood lost.

What you see as huge companies limiting creativity can also easily be seen as a company trying to create excellent art while maintaining a stable environment and job security for everyone involved.

And please, as was mentioned above, BI was only "seemingly" constrained by being an FPS by the players and journalists who didn't want it to be an FPS in the first place. Ken Levine has repeatedly said, even in his post BI interview on this very site that he wanted to make an FPS. Things like their shitty cover starring generic dude, he freely admits to being an intentional move to sell more copies so that they can reach a broader audience. But claiming that the fundamental underlying mechanic of the game is only a part of it because he was constrained creatively is just an utterly false assumption.

Excellent post! I agree completely with your statement regarding "huge companies."

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@jayu26: The more likely scenario of why they've shown only the PS3 version of the game is because Sony paid Rockstar a boatload of money in co-marketing dollars.

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Although I didn't know Ryan personally, I welcomed him into my home on a daily basis through GiantBomb. So when I heard the news of Ryan's passing, I wasn't sure how to express my grief. After much thought, I decided to sit down and play some video games. I think Ryan would have liked that more than me sitting around being sad. Godspeed Ryan Davis...you will be missed by many many people.

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Xbox One has been preordered and I am very much looking forward to its arrival.

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I'm in, as I do loves me some games!

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Congratulations Dave! You will be missed as your personality and hard work have been a staple at GiantBomb and one of the reasons I visit this site each day. Good luck with your next endeavor and enjoy your time with your new child...you've earned it!

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I agree...great stuff Alex!

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Nice article Patrick, but I don't think this makes Xbox Live seem more like a joke. They are both paid services with their fair share of ups and downs. I do believe, however, Microsoft should be closely watching Sony's moves as of late.

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@RockyRaccoon37 said:

Great interview piece Alex!

I'd love to see more stuff like this-- really informative and enjoyable reading.

Yes. And yes.