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I will try switching aiming modes. thanks

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Brink was average but people expected more with Dragon Age 2. It had the potential to be a superb game but was not as good as original. For the record I loved Dragon Age 2 for the changes that they made. It was like they took Mass Effect and set it in the dragon age environment.

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The default controls for uncharted 3 seem very twitchy to me when aiming. It may be that I have been playing MW3 and gears 3 but it has made uncharted gun fights almost unplayable. I have tried messing with the sensitivity of the controls but not really helping. Anybody else feel this way?

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maybe Samuel L Jackson could do Link's voice in the next game. just a thought

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I have not installed MW3 on my xbox. Does it make a difference when playing online or offline?

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I bought KOTOR off of Ebay. Never played it when it was initially released. Awesome game.

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I have been watching review videos for Skyward Sword and played it about an hour or so at a friend's house. It is a fun game and I am not trying to be a Nintendo hater when I ask this but does anyone else feel like it is like playing a game from a previous generation. I know you are thinking it is only because of the graphics and about to rip me but I feel like the game play and Zelda formula has gotten a bit stale. It would be nice if Link could speak, but not in the way Nintendo made Samus speak. I know that some of my complaint is that I wish I could play the game without the motion controls. I see Nintendo hanging on to motion controls though.

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I sort my video games by genre. For the PS3 I have them from sports---racing---fighting--RPG--shooter--platformer--adventure

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I think Shenmue was great for its time. I played it in 2000 and it was incredible. You could do things in that game that you could not do in any game prior. It was such an ambitious game. It was also a fork lift simulator.

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I was a little surprised by the ending as well. I am not sure if Talia died either. I was shocked by that. I think a Damian Wayne appearance in Batman Arkham 3 would be pretty awesome. I am sure Joker will return. Rocksteady will pay Mark Hamill a crap ton of money and he will be like, sure I will be Joker again. I think it would be pretty cool if Hamill actually played the Joker in a live action Batman movie somewhere down the road. I think that would be pretty cool. Maybe the only guy that could give a Joker performance to rival the Dark Knight.

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