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I have the same problem on both Safari and Chrome on my Ipad. Furthermore I am having the same problem on Chrome on my PC though it works in Internet Explorer there.

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I shall join the defense force. I never cared much for used games anyhow.

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Yep, it is good.

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My official position is that Booth Babes are fucking stupid. (As an advertising strategy, not as individuals)

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@pornstorestiffi said:

There is no reason as to why these models should be at e3 with almost no clothes on. I have nothing against good looking women with almost no clothes on, but there are far better places for them to be at than e3.

Its not the models fault, they just want some money, can't blame them for that. The fault lies with the people hiring them. And also this whole thing about them being "marketing" thats bullshit. E3 is ment for retail business men and the game journalists. And i would like to think that none of them would be persuaded to take a shit ton of stock or be more interested in game x, just because of the models at the booths, and their silly bullet point speeches.

I know i wouldn't. I would much rather hear those sales pitches from the dudes who made the product, and could give me better insight into why their product is the new black.

Someone doesn't actually understand what marketing is.

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Unrelated side note:

A couple of hours ago on twitter Tak Fujii of Konami fame told Alex to to take off all his clothes and prepare for boarding.

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Totally different games.

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@Intro said:

The Grey was one that really stood out to me. I went in thinking it was about Liam Neeson fucking up wolves in a variety of ways. Instead, I got emotional characters and a story about life and survival. Yet, I still loved every minute of it.

Such a fucking great film.