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@Mesoian: The exploration is good.

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You know I took risk on it because I am just that big of MIB fan and Jeff did not give it half a chance before making a pretty decent game look like shit. First of he wasn't even playing it with the proper controller. Have you ever House of the Dead 2 with a controller. Here is a hint: it sucks too. Then there is the fact that the story is actually fucking great and it is ridiculous how Jeff is nitpicking the story for small insignificant detail WHILE THE CHARACTERS IN THE GAME ARE EXPLAINGING WHY NO ONE NOTICES THE SHIPS FLYING THROUGH THE CITY. They could have made a shitty movie tie in game but instead they decided to do something new and original all Jeff can do is make fun of the game because of the NAME of the DEVELOPER. As a fan of lightgun shooters I can say that this game revolutionizes the genre. It is way better than the shitty Dead Space game at least yet somehow because JEFF already decided to hate the game. Being able to move the character makes the game far more like sin and punishment except this game actually uses a light gun like S&P SHOULD. Oh, and it also has a way better story with actually funny characters something even rockstar can't get right half of the time. ALso the bosses later in the game are some of the best I have ever seen since Contra 3. In alot of ways this game is kinda like a modern contra done right just based of the base levels from the originals. AND IT IS BETTER THAN ANY CONTRA SINCE HARD CORPS. I sometimes hate How jeff and the other guys refuse to give decent games a chance and ROB themselves and alot of Giant Bomb users out of a great experience and you know there are people here who are fans of the movie who would have given it a chance if JEFF didn't decided to SHIT ALL OVER IT without THINKING.

iagree you are corect jeff needs to close his fucking face.I see peopl said: "hey, you look at some of the anime fans ... we makefun of them," because Jeff ... tired of all these assholes. They just do online, in real life, because they do not have balls. I, as an example of the main fans, I am not a jerk, I hate the "Lord of the Rings",I'm not fat. yes, I have a girlfriend, and i'm not japanese. stfu jeff

You're doing a pretty fine job so far, but I think I just figured out you guys are the same dude so you might want to vary up your style some more.

We are most definitively not the same person. i for one strove to use proper grammar throughout with the exception of the distinct lack of paragraph structure, and the wonton use of random capitalization, not to mention lack of proper punctuation. All deliberate choices made in order to better demonstrate my rage.

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@jakob187: I would suggest you stop wasting your time on and his apple that looks like a butt.

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I think he is talking about Custer's Revenge.

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I want Leah, but only if Jaffe is there to rip her a new one.

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@RedRavN: If it is a keylogger as you hypothesize then what would you have blizzard do?

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You're right. I'm a user and this is my experience, what will you do to prevent it in the future?

Less Drew Carey is probably where I would start if I were you.

But seriously, why are you asking me what I will do to prevent your issues? I am not really interested in roleplaying Blizzard tech support.

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No Alundra means your collection automatically sucks.

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Gametrailers.com will have it.

Welcome to the bomb.