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Yes, I love the whole series including the ending of 3, which was made even better with the free DLC ending.

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I've tried to stay away from this topic as much as possible and haven't commented on it anywhere, but I just wanted say that this was a great write-up.
I will continue to ignore assholes and just enjoy my games and this site.

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Nope. I do read reviews but they don't affect wether or not I'll buy a game.

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I just played through Dungeons & Dragons : Chronicles of Mystara and enjoyed that as much as you can enjoy a brawler these days. It was a nice breather from the stress of Alien : Isolation for an hour.

The other games aren't really for me.

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If you're connecting them directly together you probably need a crossover ethernet cable. If not, you're gonna have to go through a hub or router.

I have not tried this with a ps3 or even know if it works.

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I never get rid of games even if I don't like them, but I do buy additional copies of a game on different platforms if I really like it.

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I just watched Honeymoon and wasn't really wowed at all. When the first light came through the windows, I thought aliens. Then when she started acting weird I thought to myself "bodysnatchers".

I was hoping to be surprised but was not at all. I did enjoy the characters though.

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I watched Alien and Aliens today. I'll watch Prometheus tomorrow, then I'll be set.

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@brandondryrock: I'm guessing you know about the hint system? cause I didn't for half the game. Whenever a bunch of the same words pop up (like the crow or oil lamp), stand still and turn around until they melt into one word in the middle of the screen. That's the direction the item is in. Then hold the A button(or left mouse button) to see exactly where the item is.