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  1. Final Fantasy 8
  2. Person 4 Golden
  3. Mass Effect 2
  4. Mass Effect 3
  5. Mass Effect
  6. Final Fantasy X
  7. Final Fantasy 9
  8. Tales of Vesperia
  9. Jade Empire
  10. Tales of Graces f

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Bah, Sweden again...

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I've played all of them so far and I enjoyed them all until Unity (yes, even 3). The bugs didn't bother me much. The game was just boring.
I am also one of those who find the real world animus stuff one of the most interesting things about AC, so when you take that away I kinda lose interest.

I don't think I'll play the new one.

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@babychoochoo: Hmm, I might have. I'll have to check when I get home. It did start working again without me deleting anything though.

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Earlier today I couldn't start any of my digital games due to a licensing error. I tried restoring licenses but it failed, I tried deactivating my ps4 but that didn't help. After 3 hours it suddenly started working again. So weird.

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Batman is the only one on that list that kinda interests me. Not going to buy FFX HD again.

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Around $200 a month I guess.

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I never played the first one but I've tried playing the second one several times since it came out. I think I came 5 hours into it the last time before I stopped. The story and characters just didn't appeal to me. It looks pretty though.

As a result I have no interest in The Witcher 3 at all.

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@dr_insane: I had the same problem yesterday and asked Rorie if I had to do it again and he said I had to. You should see the billing page instantly add another year when you pay, and then you get an email.