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Over the last 11 years, you've spent 369hours playing this selection, which includes 75 items, is valued at $1248.35, and requires 329.6 GB.

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Yep, I buy games several times if I really enjoy them.
I bought all the Mass Effect games and all the DLC on PC, 360 and PS3.
More recently I bought Wolfenstein:THe New Order on PC, Xbox One and PS4.

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Well, another month where I already own the games I'm interested in. I haven't downloaded any of the PS+ games the last three months.

Maybe I have to stop buying everything I want to play.

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Yes, a lot.
The latest one is Wolfenstein:The New Order.
I first played it when it came out on the PC, then I got an Xbox One and the only game I found interesting on the marketplace at the time was Wolfenstein. So I bought it and played through it twice.

This weekend I was looking through the PSN store on the PS4 for something to play and found Wolfenstein a bit cheaper than full price, so I bought it again...

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Nah, All the norwegian channels I might want to watch all have netflix like subscriber services anyway. So if there is something I wanna watch I just pay for a month.

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I've only played an hour of it so far, but I like what I've seen.

Also MGS4 is awesome.

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Absolutely. I've been playing way to many open world games lately, and a beautiful, story focused 3rd person shooter sounds right up my alley.

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Very rarely. I'm playing Dying Light at the moment and I'm doing every side quest cause all of them have their own little story.

What I won't do is the challenges. I get no enjoyment out of killing this many zombies before the timer runs out, or do a race to get somewhere before someone else does.

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I was playing Uncharted 3 around the time it came out. There's an area that involves boats and a ton of pirates.
I had no idea where to go and was getting sniped from everywhere it seemed. After dying about ten times I screamed in frustration and tried to throw the PS3 controller as hard as I could into the corner of my couch, I missed and it flew straight into the wall instead.
Now there's a nice dent in the wall and a permanent white mark on the controller. It still works fine though!