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I had the same problem. I just closed chrome and started it up again. Worked fine then.

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PS4 - Cruelink

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$69 a month

There are only old people around here that don't want any faster internet. The fiber companies require that at least five other households around here wants it before they'll consider bringing it here. Not gonna happen.

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It doesn't really matter. The only screen I have is my TV, and my PC and all the consoles are hooked up to it. I go wherever the games are.

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I'm down for some bad ass pixels.

PSN: Cruelink

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The only 2D games I enjoy these days are point & click adventure games.

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I'd prefer using a dualshock 3 or 4. I am using a wired 360 controller cause it's the easiest and all the button prompts shows 360 buttons.

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I went with the one that's available in my country (PS4). I'll get a Xbox One whenever it comes out over here.
I do prefer playstation exclusives though. The only One game that interests me so far is Quantum Break.

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All the mass effect games. I Have no Idea how long I've played them but I've finished them at least 10 times.
I also bought all the versions with almost all the DLC for each platform, 360, PS3 and PC.

If they end up putting out the trilogy on PS4, I will probably buy it again...