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Sonic Shuffle is a piece of crap, but I would love to see them suffer through it.

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@wemmick: Cool thanks. I ended up going through Sept 2018.

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It looked like I successfully renewed (I was through 2016 now it says through 2017), but I went back to the billing page, and it looked like I could do it again (if I wanted to). Is that supposed to happen?

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This is a video the Minnesota Timberwolves showed at their game the other day. I'm sure the video team there must have spent a lot of time on it. I don't really know why.

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Also, why is Kevin Garnett not playable?

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This was a video that Minnesota Timberwolves played during the game the other night. I imagine the video staff there must have put a lot of work into it. I don't really know why thought.

Also why is Kevin Garnett not playable?

(One second figuring out how to link to it.)

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Off the top of my head, didn't double check to see if they are already in a game...

The Black Keys - Howlin for You

The Arctic Monkeys - Fluorescent Adolescent

Billy Talent - Hanging By A Thread (or maybe Swallowed Up by the Ocean)

Faith No More - Midlife Crisis (or anything else)

Midlife Crisis was on disc for Rock Band 3, Epic was on disc for Rock Band 1 and We Care a Lot & From Out of Nowhere are DLC.

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Black Sabbath masters.

Also, Cut Me Some Slack off the Sound City Soundtrack. (A song fronted by Paul McCartney backed by the surviving members of Nirvana.)

Finally, I put in a request for MouseRat from Parks & Recreation, but I doubt that would actually happen.

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@liquiddragon: The only one of those I saw was Under the Skin, and I didn't get it. Want to see Birdman & Princess Kaguya real bad though.

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@cornbredx: The limited edition was originally $40. It is probably $70 now because it's sold out. You could get the limited edition anywhere, where as you could only get the $100 collector's edition through Square's online store.

The limited edition just comes with the pin & a plastic case copy of 2.5, so the collector's has that plus way more stuff.

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Thought about getting this cause it looks real nice. Didn't because I got the regular limited edition for free through build up of Amazon points. The one I got doesn't seem as nice as this.