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Update: if you are one of the people that like your JRPGs only in the original Japanese, 2.5 will be available in Japan on October 2nd.

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Square Enix released the E3 trailer for Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix just a little bit ago. Among the bits of info was the announcement that it would be out in North America Dec 2nd (Europe on Dec. 5th). Here is the trailer (and stay tuned after the trailer for a special bonus.):

This trailer showcases some of the new features in the Final Mix versions of 2 & Birth by Sleep and confirms that the new scenes added to 2 Final Mix will be voiced in English.

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@rorie: Any idea how long the postings will be up? I'm gathering things to submit but probably won't have it all in place until Friday.

Same here!

Also, I'm addressing the cover letter to Jeff, since he IS the EIC. That's cool, right?

I have a feeling we'll accept applications for the next week or so. And even if you're not selected this time around we'll keep applications on file for any future hirings.

That's good to know. That means I don't have to stress out that this will be the one and only chance to try to get in.

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@turboman: I can't do that because it is saying I already submitted. Which I did with the wrong resume. That's why I was trying to update the resume in the job application or find a way to delete the application and start over.

I don't know that sentence makes me think they will get the updated one. It is one minor change to my resume somebody should be able to put two and two together.

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Changes or updates to your resume/CV in the Resume/CV manager will not be entered into the applicant database unless they are to be the Default designated resume/CV.

This is from Help. So it sounds like as long as the updated resume is default, they will get the changes. Sound like I am reading that right?

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@turboman: I did log in and got to Resume/CV manager, and was able to replace the resume set it to default, but it said it wasn't tied to any jobs.

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@beardyduck: I have it set to default, but when I click on "View Submissions" it says it is not submitted for any jobs.

I resubmitted my resume without attaching it to a job, so hopefully they will put two and two together, but if anybody has ideas on how to edit the Producer specific application that would greatly appreciated.

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@beardyduck: That seems to just take me to the account main menu. What am I looking for?